Continuing Care Assistant in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

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Do you want to work as a Continuing Care Assistant in Canada? This blog post is the right guideline for the step you are about to take. If you have a passion for taking of people. And you want to use that to make a decent amount in Canada as an Immigrant.

You have to work in long-term care, special needs classrooms, home care, acute care, and assisted living. With your clients as the continuing care assistant you are. In Canada, you have a lot of opportunities as an immigrant because the demand for continuing care assistants is high.

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The job requires you to focus as it is a face-to-face job and you also help the clients in doing necessary things. These may include helping them eat their meals, mobility, personal care, medication, and so on. In order to meet the needs of patients and families, caregivers work as a cooperative care team to deliver high-quality. Also, secure, compassionate, and effective care to their client.

In long-term care, home care, hospitals, or assisted living, you work one-on-one with clients. This is a client-focused position. Graduates of the continuing care assistant program offer care services to those who require assistance with daily tasks. In addition, they help to improve the quality of life for clients of all ages, but frequently seniors.

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Who is a Continuing Care Assistant?

Nurses, hospital staff, and doctors are assisted in providing basic patient care by continuing care assistants (CCA), nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates (NOC 3413). They are employed by hospitals, nursing homes, senior living communities, and other healthcare organizations.

Working directly with patients in long-term care, home care, assisted living, some areas of acute care, and even special needs classrooms are what a continuing care assistant does. You will assist them with daily tasks like mobility, personal care, helping them eat, and medication monitoring.

Benefits of A Continuing Care Assistant

Seniors and people with disabilities who may require assistance with daily activities are given care by continuing care assistants (CCAs). This can entail assisting with household chores, preparing meals, giving clients personal care, and supporting them while they are out and about in the neighborhood.

Continuing Care Assistant in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Requirements And Qualifications Needed To Apply for Continuing Jobs

  • Candidates should be physically and personally suitable.
  • Before beginning the clinical portion of the program, accepted applicants may be required to complete an interview.
  • Also, provide documentation of a criminal record check and vulnerable sector search.
  • Based on the results of the criminal history check and vulnerable sector search. The clinical agency may decide to deny you access to clinical placement.
  • You are responsible for paying for the criminal background check and vulnerable sector search.
  • You must have completed Standard First Aid and CPR Heart Saver ‘C’ AED or an equivalent.
  • Applicants must show proof of their current Transferring, Lifting, and Repositioning (TLR®), Professional
  • Or Assault Response Training (PART®), Intermediate, and Food Safe Level 1 certifications. The price of these certificates is the responsibility of the student.

Lastly, to take the required CLIN 100 and CLIN 219 in this program, international students need a co-op work permit. By June 30th, this has to be done.

What is the Average Salary Of A Continuing Care Assistant?

The majority of CCAs have collective agreements that will expire on October 31, 2020, and their annual salary ranges will change to those between $44,660 and $48,419 from the previous range of $36,529 to $39,443.

In Canada, a continuing care assistant makes an average salary of $34,814, or $17.85 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $42,019 per year, while entry-level positions start at $33,150.

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