Top Cosmetology Scholarships To Apply For

Top Cosmetology Scholarships to Apply For – The expanding beauty industry demands an increasing number of cosmetologists to sustain its growth.

Top Cosmetology Scholarships To Apply For

However, numerous organizations are providing cosmetology scholarships. With this, they aim to assist individuals in need of financial support to complete their cosmetology education and become professionals.

Whether your ambition is to attain a cosmetology license or join the beauty industry. You’ve found the ideal resource.

What Is A Cosmetology Scholarship?

Cosmetology Scholarship is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with donors to provide mentorships and scholarships for individuals in the beauty profession.

The organization offers a comprehensive database of opportunities catering to aspiring barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians, and makeup artists.

In addition, it provides a route for budding beauty enthusiasts to chase their aspirations. These financial supports acknowledge the dedication of individuals pursuing education and training for a fulfilling career in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

Scholarships tailored for high school students intending to enroll in or already attending accredited cosmetology programs are abundant.

Also it offers awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, providing financial support for pursuing education in the field of cosmetology.

Top 10 Cosmetology Scholarships To Apply For

For those with a passion for enhancing people’s beauty and well-being, a career in cosmetology might be the perfect fit.

This scholarship enables individuals to transform their passion into a profession with the assistance of cosmetology scholarships.

In this article, we have gathered information on the “Top Cosmetology Scholarships” that can assist you in funding your cosmetology education at the beauty school you aspire to attend.

Elevate Salon Institute Cosmetology Scholarship

Elevate Salon Institute Cosmetology Scholarships are open to both prospective and existing students throughout the United States.

This scholarship is from a non-profit organization that is designed to assist and encourage students in their pursuit of cosmetology.

Successful applicants are awarded a substantial $10,000, a financial contribution directly allocated to covering educational expenses for the recipient.

Minority Cosmetic Science Scholarship

A Minority Cosmetic Science Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are high school students, undergraduates, BIPOCs, and aspiring to pursue a career in natural cosmetology.

This scholarship provides grants of $5,150 to minority high school students pursuing natural cosmetology majors.

However, eligible fields encompass but are not restricted to, cosmetology, anthropology, botany, chemistry, biochemistry, herbalism, microbiology, and more.

So, we encourage minority students with a cosmetology passion to apply for college after high school.

Sydell And Arnold Miller Family’s Art of Hair Cutting Scholarship

The Sydell and Arnold Miller families are offering a $5,000 education fund to those with a passion for the art of haircutting.

To qualify, you are required to submit a three-to-five-minute video showcasing three distinct images of haircuts you’ve crafted on models, family, friends, or mannequins.

Alongside this visual representation, describe your creative vision for haircutting and articulate why you hold a deep love for this craft.

However, the criteria center on creativity and artistic skills, making this an opportunity to showcase your talent and passion for the art of cutting hair.

The Michigan Tuition Grant

The Michigan Tuition Grant program caters to undergraduate students embarking on their initial degrees at an approved Michigan postsecondary institution. A comprehensive list of eligible institutions in Michigan can be accessed through the provided link.

To qualify, students must exhibit financial need, with the financial aid office determining the student’s aid package and financial requirements.

Financial need is computed by subtracting the expected family contribution (EFC) from the cost of attendance (COA). The U.S. Department of Education calculates the EFC based on information provided in the FAFSA.

In addition, students are encouraged to reach out to their respective institutions. The award amount for this scholarship is up to $2,800 annually, with a total scholarship fund of $2,800.

Beauty Schools Directory: $2500 Cosmetology Scholarship

The takes pride in presenting a $2,500 scholarship designed for individuals who are dedicated to the realms of wellness and beauty.

Whether you are embarking on a fulfilling career in the beauty and wellness industry or not, we invite you to submit the application form below.

Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to secure a $2,500 scholarship, directly contributing to your tuition and educational expenses.

Your commitment to the field and aspirations in beauty and wellness could be the key to unlocking this valuable support.

Oregon Barber And Hairdresser Grant Program

The Barber and Hairdresser Grant Program is overseen by the Oregon Student Assistance Commission. This program is designed to offer financial support to Oregon residents enrolled in licensed barbering, hair design, cosmetology, or manicure schools within the state.

However, the awarded amount varies, influenced by available funding, typically falling within the range of $100 to $1,500 per year. But on average, it is a non-renewable grant of $1,000, contributing to a total scholarship fund of $1,000.

Winger Leyes Endowment Scholarship

The Winger Leyes Endowment Scholarship is open to both U.S. and international students who are residents of and attending an accredited cosmetology school in California or Oregon.

The applicant must have completed high school or obtained a GED, with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

However, candidates must meet the following requirements to be able to apply for and get this scholarship.

The scholarship application process involves an essay, recommendation letter, application form, official transcript, and a $5 application fee per application.

The scholarship is worth about $1,000 annually, with non-renewable status. The award funds are for the student’s necessary “kit” or supplies; the total scholarship fund available is $1,000.

PBA/NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship

The PBA/NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship recognizes individuals aspiring to enter the field of cosmetology. Eligible candidates include graduating high school seniors or GED holders to enroll in cosmetology school.

Among the recipients, seven graduating high school seniors, or GED holders will get about $1,000 each. Also, the scholarship extends support to five students returning to school for further training, providing each of them with a $500 award.

Barber And Stylist Scholarship

Barbering and cosmetology stand as vibrant professions, significantly contributing to the enhancement of individuals’ self-esteem and overall well-being. Within these fields lie boundless opportunities for creative expression, self-employment, and financial stability.

This scholarship seeks to ignite inspiration in the next generation of stylists by offering financial support to students passionate about pursuing careers in barbering or cosmetology.

Essentially, artists, in their own right, have the power to instill confidence and happiness through their exceptional skills.

However, the eligibility criteria for this scholarship are broad, extending to any student with an interest in pursuing a career in barbering or cosmetology.

WiseGeek Cosmetology No-Essay Scholarship

The WiseGeek Cosmetology No-Essay Scholarship is for aspiring students pursuing careers in cosmetology, hair styling, hair design, or related fields.

The scholarship provides financial assistance without requiring a traditional essay, recognizing the diverse talents and potential in the cosmetology field.

Apply by the specified deadline for a chance to receive this assistance toward your aspirations in the beauty industry.


Pursuing a career in cosmetology is not just a personal aspiration but a commitment to artistic expression, self-confidence, and the well-being of others.

With the determination, dedication, and support of this scholarship, one can be eager to embark on this exciting journey to make a meaningful contribution to the world of beauty.

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