Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria: Everyone who has been through the secondary school phase must know that debates are one of the most popular curriculum activities. Furthermore, a lot of students participate in this school program and always end up having fun.

So, if you would like to share this fun with students as a teacher or a fellow student, you have come across the perfect article. Meanwhile, by the end of this article, you should be able to select a good topic that students in secondary schools in Nigeria can debate on. Without further ado, let us begin.

Structure of a Debate

When you pick a particular topic for a debate, there is a particular format that one needs to follow to be able to perform and carry out the perfect argument. So, here is the basic format and structure a debate should have:

  • Opening statements.
  • Rebuttals.
  • Inquisitions.
  • Major arguments.
  • Disapproval.

And lastly, closing arguments. This is the last stage of the debate, and it is very important as well. What’s more, every team will also present this closing argument.

Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria

So, if you are searching for good debate topics for secondary school but have no idea, relax. This section will help you. In addition, I will be letting you in on some of the best debate topics that you can go for:

  • Should Nigeria allow same-sex marriage?
  • Should students wear uniforms to school?
  • Should the government have control over social media?
  • Should schools prohibit cell phones?
  • Should schools teach sex education?
  • Should the government give free meals to all scholars in public schools?
  • Should Nigeria disallow the use of plastic bags?
  • Should Nigeria change to a cashless society?
  • Should the voting age be reduced to 16?
  • Should the government control internet access?
  • Should Nigeria put money into space exploration?
  • Should the death penalty be eradicated in Nigeria?
  • Should Nigeria spend money on building more prisons?
  • Should Nigeria put into effect a system of mandatory voting?
  • Should Nigeria approve a policy of strict immigration control?
  • Should Birth control be available over the counter?
  • Should vaping be banned?
  • Should detention be abolished?
  • Education is better than money.
  • Is democracy the best form of government?
  • Should rapists face the death penalty?
  • Is legalizing marijuana a good idea?
  • Should religious studies be a compulsory subject in schools?
  • Should school hours be shortened or extended?
  • Should the government offer subsidies to small businesses?
  • Should all residents of Nigeria perform military service?

Tips On How to Choose a Good Debate Topic

Below are some helpful tips that you can use when you need to choose a good topic:

  • Select a topic that is applicable to current events.
  • Select a topic that is crucial to the community.
  • Choose a topic that is appropriate for all ages.
  • Choose a topic that draws the interest and attention of students.
  • Select a controversial topic.

So, by choosing a topic, you will be able to make the debate a lot more interesting and have the debaters challenge themselves in a fun way.

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