EcoFlow River 2 Max Portable Power Station – Features

The New EcoFlow River 2 is perfect for emergencies such as blackouts. I know how annoying it can get when there is a sudden blackout which may take a long time for the power to be back on. But if you have this EcoFlow River 2 in your homes, then you are prepared for anything. Furthermore, blackouts will no longer be a threat as well. Moreover, this reliable power station was designed and created by one of the best unicorn companies in China. Nevertheless, it also comes with features that make surviving a lot easier.

EcoFlow River 2 Max Portable Power Station - Features

This power station also comes with a 5 years warranty. So, if you eventually purchase it but you are experiencing issues, you can return it and demand another one. What’s more, it is very light and portable. So, no matter where you are going or your location of outdoor activities, the EcoFlow River 2 can be your best friend along the way. Plus, it has a long-lasting battery life so, you can charge all of your devices for a long period.

Features Of EcoFlow River 2

Below are some of its amazing and mind-blowing features of it. So, when you buy one online, you get to see it for yourself. They include:

  • Ability to charge from 0-100%.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • 10 years of use.
  • Portable.
  • 4 charging methods.
  • Smart app control.
  • Light.
  • It is safe to use.
  • Smart battery protection system.

So, now that have real information about its features, you can access them when you purchase one. Moreover, since there are different ways to charge it, you can charge it anywhere.

EcoFlow River 2 Specs

The specifications of the EcoFlow River 2 will be provided and will be available at your disposal with the help of this table:

AC Output120V 50Hz/60Hz, 300W (Surge 600W)
Total Outlets6
Mobile appYes
Battery ChemistryLFP
AC Charging360W
Net Weight in lbs7.7lbs
Net weight in kg3.5kg
Dimension in cm24.5 x 21.5 x 14.5
Dimension in inches9.6 x 8.5 x 5.7
X-Boost Output600W
Car Power Output100W Max
USB-C Output60W Max
Number of USB-C Output1
DC 5521 Output
USB-A Output12W Max
Number of AC Outlets2
Number of USB-A Output2
Charge Temperature in C0°C – 45°C
Charge Temperature in F32°F – 113°F
Operating Temperature in C20°C – 30°C
Operating Temperature in F68°F – 86°F
Storage Temperature in C-10°C – 45°C
Storage Temperature in F14°F – 113°F
Discharge Temperature in C-10°C – 45°C
Discharge Temperature in F14°F – 113°F
Solar Charging Input11-30V 110W, 8A Max
Car chargingSupport 12V/24V, default 8A
Cycle Life3000 cycles to 80% capacity
App quick start guideYes
Shelf life3000 cycles to 80% capacity
Warranty cardYes
AC Charging CableYes
User manualYes
Car Charging CableYes

The Release Date

The release date of the EcoFlow River 2 is November 9, 2022. So, since the power station is now available in the market, you can visit any of the stores that you will find in the article to purchase it.

EcoFlow River 2 Price

However, it cost $239. But as for the EcoFlow River 2 Max, it cost $469 while its Pro version is $599. However, according to Amazon, the power station may cost roughly $210 or probably lower

But if you happen to see it for around $300, do not feel cheated because other features make that version or model better.

Is EcoFlow River 2 Worth It?

Obtaining it is so worth it. Apart from its features, there are new properties that you can discover as a true owner of this device. Plus, it is a must-have in every home. So, with the EcoFlow River 2, you can be confident even in blackouts.

Moreover, this power station is 100% reliable and can charge all your devices. Frankly speaking, it is a nice product. Plus, since it is portable, you can carry it around if you plan on going on an outdoor trip.

Where To Buy EcoFlow River 2

Buying or purchasing it is now possible thanks to technology. Furthermore, there are various platforms where you can shop for gadgets like this power station. Some of the places where you can buy the EcoFlow River 2 include:

  • EcoFlow Store.
  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • Walmart.
  • Newegg.

So, check out these online platforms if you are looking to purchase this power station at amazing prices.


Since the EcoFlow River 2 is a new product, a lot of people have new things to say about the power station. It is portable and it comes with solid features that you can enjoy when you purchase one for your use.

Plus, it also has good ratings from customers online. For instance, its value for money is rated 4/5 stars, and its performance is also 4 out of 5 as well. And let me not even get started on its battery life.

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