Email Marketing Tools – Best Tools For Your Email Marketing

The main essence of running a business is to generate traffic and more revenue to expand your business from small scale to medium and from medium to large scale business. However, to get started, you will need the right marketing strategy. If you don’t already have a Marketing strategy or tool; then I recommend you try out Email Marketing Tools. It will interest you to know that Email Marketing Tools is one of the most affordable and easy ways to grow your business. And, also reach your potential customers thereby driving more traffic to your business or brand.

Email Marketing Tools - Best Tools For Your Email Marketing

With the right Email Marketing Tool or software, promote your business at little or no cost.  As you might know, Email Marketing is used by brands and business to deliver or communicates marketing messages to prospect and customers. Aside from driving value to customers and generating revenue, email marketing can help build relationships with your customer. And on the internet, there are several Email Marketing Tools you can make use of. But selecting from the extensive list can be quite overwhelming.  To make the journey easier and faster, we have selected the best Email Marketing Tools for your Business. Simply check out the next outline.

Best Free Email Marketing Tools

In this section of the article, we will be discussing some of the best Free and easy-to-use Email Marketing Software for your Business. Below are the tools you need to check out:

HubSpot Email Marketing

Overall, HubSpot is one of the best email marketing tools to promote your business. It is a world-class tool offering your brand or business with an all-in-one sale and marketing platforms such as Landing Page, email marketing, Chats, forms, CRM, and more. Whether you run a Small or Large Business, you can make use of this tool to support your business. This tool comes in handy as it also allows you to track, manage, and organize your email performance.


Another good Email Marketing Tool that can be used for free is Sender. This tool offers you the opportunity to create awesome newsletters and you don’t need to have any HTML knowledge. All you need do is to select a template and customize it with elements such as images, videos, and texts. The platform offers a robust analytic feature to allow track who opens your emails. You can choose Sender to promote and grow your Email Marketing business today.


Sensible is a reliable Email Marketing Tool you can also make use of.  It is a marketing communication platform that offers mail marketing tools. And additional features such as Management, Landing page creation and customer relationships, and more. Sendinblue boosts more than 70 design templates that you can use to create your awesome email. Also, these templates are said to be responsive and you can check results to ensure your design looks good enough. Users can make use of the A/B testing to check out their design. And that is why it is reliable and easy to make use of this tool.


Based on our research, SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform that offers email marketing and is very popular for this. SendPulse has a lot of professional features that can be accessed by all; you can design your email template using the drag and drop editor button. It is an excellent tool to analyze your email marketing strategy as you can open and click rates such as read and unread rate of subscribers.  Personalize your email by gender, date of birth, age, job, or name while using SendPulse as your email marketing tool.


Omnisend is a world-class eCommerce marketing platform that helps to integrate all your communication in one place. Plus, its email plan is free to make use of and this is more than enough to support your small or medium-scale email marking goal.  You can make use of the Omnisend email marketing tools to automate your email delivery and reach your customers without hassle. It also has a wide and comprehensive audience insight which you can use to send out more relevant email marketing messages. Users can design and customize amazing newsletters, optimize email performance, scratch cards, and more.

Other Best Email Marketing Tools

Aside from the above-listed Email marketing tools, other trusted and reliable tools to make use of for your email marketing promotion include;

  • AcitveCampaign
  • Drip Email Marketing Tool
  • Benchmark Email
  • Mailchimp
  • MailerLite
  • EmailOctopus
  • ConvertKit
  • Campaign Monitor
  • LeadPages
  • Target Hero and a lot more.

There you have it. The above listed are some of the best email marketing tools you can use to grow and promote your business with ease.  Although most of these tools are free to make use of for a robust feature, you might need to upgrade to a paid plan. And, whether you have a small-scale, medium, or large-scale business. You need an Email Marketing tool to grow and drive more traffic to your website and to get started; you can use any of our listed best email marketing tools.

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