Employee Assistance Program – What is an Employee Assistance Program

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What is Employee Assistance Employee?

Employee Assistance Program short for EPA refers to a work-related intervention program created to help employees resolve personal issues that may negatively impact their performance. It is a voluntary program designed to provide free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who are experiencing personal or work-related issues.  The main aim and objective of these programs are to improve the declining performance levels of employees with the support of professionals, a stress management team, and more.

Employee Assistance Program - What is an Employee Assistance Program

History of Employee Assistance Program

According to research, the Employee Assistance Program date back to the late 1930s out of programs that dealt with work-related alcoholism.  But currently, the EPA address a wide range of issues affecting the mental and emotional well-being of workers such as alcohol, drug abuse, stress, family problem, psychological disorders, and more. In addition, Employee Assistance Program offers medical benefits, direct counseling, etc. You can access their services via phone calls, video calls, online chatting, e-mail interaction, or face to face. It is a great program that can be accessed for free by anyone going through personal or work-related problems.

What are the services provided by the Employee Assistance Program?

As mentioned, Employee Assistance Program offers a wide range of services most especially work and personal related issues. In this section of the article, we shall be providing you with some of the issues that EAP is designed to address. Hence, here are some of the issues;

  • Personal challenges
  • Workplace anxiety.
  • Problems in relationships
  • Parenting issues, eldercare, and childcare.
  • Harassment.
  • Abuse of substances.
  • Loss and separation
  • Managing work and family obligations.
  • Legal or financial.
  • Domestic violence.

Aside from the above-listed issues, EAP also offers other services such as long-term sickness, disability challenges, wellness and health promotion, and fitness including weight control, exercise, and smoking.

Best EAP Program Providers

There are several Employee Assistance Program providers but in this review, we will be discussing the top five best EPA providers for 2022.  Below are the top five EAP providers to check out;

1 Lyra Health

Lyra Health is one of the leading EAP providers that deal in mental health care services and other related services such as medication management, work-life services, manager training, and more. The company provides its users with seamless services to enable them to feel better. You can make use of their online exercise and resources tool designed to help improve your health. Also, to access their service, you can visit their official website to access unlimited health care, support, and more.

2 CuraLinc Healthcare

Another top and well-known EPA organization are CuraLinc Healthcare. This company deals with addictive behaviors and substance abuse.  They deliver transformative mental health care programs using advanced technology. Also members and participant can access their services via their official website, phone calls, text, live chat, and more.

3 Cascade Centers

Cascade Centers offers a wide range of counseling services designed to help employees facing one challenge or the other feel better. However, you can get financial coaching from professionals; get the right mortgage and financial advice. In addition, they also provide life coaching counseling to individuals who deal with family issues such as how to prepare for a new child and more. You can request an appointment or schedule training with Cascade Centers via their official website.

4 Alliance

However, one of the most comprehensive organizations that offer Employee Assistance programs is Alliance. The company has been able to help millions of individuals by providing them with mental health and abuse benefits. You can access EAP services via their mobile app through a face to face sessions with professional counselors, access supported materials, and more.  Also, you can visit their official website via a computer web browser to access their services.

5 Magellan Healthcare

 Magellan Healthcare also offers a wide range of services and is one of the best providers in the country. The company can help employees overcome personal issues related to legal, identity theft, elder care, finance, and more. In addition, they offer managers and leaders strategic guidelines needed to improve their performance. Also to make use of Magallan Healthcare services, you can visit their official website to explore their services.