Global Korea Scholarship – Study in Korea

Do you want to study in Korea, or do you need funding to study in Korea? The Global Korea Scholarship is one of the major scholarships that provide many opportunities to international students. The program was established to give students the privilege to study in undergraduate or graduate programs at universities of Korea. The Scholarship programs focus to help students around the world who wish to study in Korea but don’t have the funds to do that. It provides them with fully-funded scholarships to study any course of their choice.

Global Korea Scholarship - Study in Korea
Global Korea Scholarship – Study in Korea

The Global Korea Scholarship which was known as Korea Government Scholarship is a program launched by the Korean Government. It focuses to help international students who want to pursue a degree in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, language, Foreign exchange, and more. The GKS scholarship program is fully funded by Korean Government students. And the funding covers complete tuition fees, Medical fees, monthly allowances, etc.

What is the Global Korean Scholarship?

The Global Korean Scholarship which was formally called The Korean Government Scholarship Program is an initiative launched by the Korean Government. It provides opportunities for international students from different countries to study in Korea. Currently, the Scholarship Initiative is handled by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED). It also has an affiliation with the Ministry of Education in Korea.

The Scholarship program gives scholars the opportunity to finish their undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees in Korea. Meanwhile, the major aim of the Global Korea Scholarship initiative is to help international students have access to quality educational possibilities. Similarly, the GKS also promotes educational exchange between countries.

Benefits of Global Korea Scholarship

The following are the perks and benefits that successful applicants will enjoy when awarded the Global Korea Scholarship.

  • Full travel Cost.
  • Complete Tuition fee.
  • Monthly expenses (Undergraduates will get 800,000 KRW monthly and Graduates will receive 900.000 KRW monthly.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Research Funds for Graduate and Postgraduate Study.
  • Printing funds.
  • One-time degree Completion Grant.
  • Free learning of the Korean Language for one year.
  • Degree Completion Grant 100,000 awarded once.
  • Korean Proficiency Grant.

Requirement for Global Korea scholarship

Before you can apply for a GKS Scholarship, you have to be eligible and meet certain criteria. Meanwhile, the criteria are used to check if you are eligible for the scholarship Grants or not. Therefore, below are the eligibility criteria for the GKS scholarship.

  • Applicants and guardians must be Citizens of their  countries
  • Applicants should come from a different country aside from Korea or the Sponsorship country.
  • You must have a sound medical, mental and physical body
  • Applicant must have completed his/her high school study before applying for a GKS Scholarship.
  • Undergraduates’ applicants must be 25 years.
  • Postgraduates Applicant must be 40 years.
  • Applicant must have a G.P.A. above 80%  in the previous institution attended
  • For Ph.D. students, the applicant must have a Bachelor’s  Degree or a Master’s degree
  • Applicants who have applied for this scholarship program cannot apply again.

Documents required for a Global Korea scholarship

International students that want to apply for the GKS Korea scholarship 2022 you are to provide the following Documents when submitting your Korea scholarship 2022 application form.

  • Two letters of  Recommendations
  • Certificate of  Higher college
  • Transcript
  • High college transcript for Undergraduates
  • Applicant proof of Citizenship document
  • Authentic Citizenship  proof  Documents for Applicants’ parents
  • GKS Scholarship form
  • Applicants agreement form
  • Study plan form
  • Research proposals
  • Personal statement form
  • Letter of Motivation.

How to Apply for a Global Korea scholarship 2022

There are two ways by which you can apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program 2022. You can apply through the Korean Embassy in your country or through the university track.

  • Visit the official website of  the Korea Government Scholarship Grant
  • On  the homepage, select Global Korea  Scholarship
  • At the top of the homepage, click on Online Application
  • Next, select the course you want to study
  • Afterward, select a  University  and Major  Study
  • Next, fill in the admission application form
  • Upload all the required documents
  • Finally, complete the Final verifications.

Scholarship Grants 2022

The Global Korea scholarship Grant program is supported by two (2) Grant systems. Once you are granted a Scholarship, you will have access to the Grants of GKS. Hence, below are the differences between the two Grants.

  • Degree Completion grants:  Successful International students or Global Korea Scholarship students who returned back to their country are given 100,000 KRW the Degree Completion Grants.
  • Korean Proficiency Grants: These grants are awarded to Scholars in the Degree Program with a certified TOPIK level 5 or 6 during the Examination period.

When is the Korean Scholarship for International Students?

The Global Korea Scholarship GKS application 2022 for international students is ongoing. All interested students should start submitting their application forms.

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