Truck Driver Jobs in Canada – Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

There are lots of truck driver jobs and the trucking industry places so much value on its worker. Truck drivers are treated like assets because they ensure the safety of goods and services. Truck driver Jobs in Canada are not much and this is why truck driving jobs companies are willing to spend just to have someone that is experienced, reliable, and competent enough to satisfy the role of a truck driver.

Heavy driver Jobs in Canada are the most challenging and fun occupations available. It is fun because drivers are allowed to travel across the whole nation at no additional expense. Drivers can go to a variety of beautiful locations across Canada depending on their earnings.

However, qualified truck drivers in Canada may be free to take advantage of a wide variety of employee perks and competitive pay offered by several businesses. But being a truck driver in Canada seems easy for most people. Most of them already have experience in truck driving so it doesn’t seem difficult for them. Being a truck driver in Canada comes with a lot of benefits including a fat salary of $55,000.

What is the Salary of a Canadian Truck Driver?

Truck drivers are very important for companies who deal in transporting products. So in Canada, the average salary for a truck driver is $24.64 per hour. Although, the salaries of truck drivers depend on the area in which they work. So in total, the average salary of a truck driver is between $55,000 and $70,000 per year including some bonus payments.

Requirement for Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada

If you are an experienced truck driver and you want to apply for a truck driving job in Canada for foreigners then you should know that there are certain requirements needed. Let’s take a look at these requirements below.

  • You must have language skills; this means that you must speak English or French fluently.
  • Truck drivers must have nothing less than 3 years to less than 5 years experience in truck driving
  • You must be a team player and must have an excellent oral communication
  • You must be reliable and organized
  • You must have a driver’s validity license check and a driving record check
  • As a truck driver, you must own your tools and equipment like a hard hat and steel-toed safety boots.
  • Having good Documentation knowledge is also important, you must know how to give an Accident or incident report, maintenance and repair report, and inspection report.
  • You must also have a valid driver’s license

However, having a degree, certificate or diploma isn’t one of the requirements.

Duties of Truck Drivers in Canada

Truck driver jobs in Canada are a little bit difficult and fun at the same time. And being a truck driver comes with a lot of responsibility. They are meant to carry out certain duties and obligations which are.

  • One of the duties of a truck driver is to load and unload tires as needed to carry out delivery duties.
  • They have to operate business delivery trucks safely. It must be under all the laid down rules.
  • Truck drivers are meant to travel to the Hub DC and back to their DC within the period that was given to them.

Finally, they have to check and clean vehicles daily for safety and maintenance. This means that they must ensure the trucks are in good condition all the time.

How to Apply for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Foreigners in 2022

Applying for truck driver jobs in Montreal is straightforward. So if you are eligible to apply for truck driver jobs in Canada then you must complete the job application process to get hired. Follow these steps below and get apply.

  • First, you have to visit the job bank Canada website at this address
  • When you get to the page, click on the Apply Now button
  • Read all the job information very carefully, you will find the job description, responsibilities, duties, experience, and license requirements.
  • After that click on Show How to Apply
  • Then you will find the email address or job application link
  • Send in your job application and updated CV at the provided email address
  • Then fill up the online job application form and upload your CV/Resume

Now that you are through, just wait for the business to contact you or send you an email about your truck driver job application. If you get a call just know that you have been given the job.

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