Google Translate – How To Translate Offline

Do you know that you can use Google Translate Offline? GT Offline is the process of downloading languages Offline with a Wi-Fi or Cellular network. You can simply download the languages onto your device, by doing so, you can use them with an internet connection. Google Translate is a free multilingual app for translating languages or texts.

Google Translate - How To Translate Offline

In addition, Google Translate is a product of Google. It offers a mobile device app which is compatible with iOS and Android devices and also a web interface. It supports more than 100 languages at various levels and serves over 500 million, daily users. Google can pronounce the Translated text and also act as a directory for single-word input. You can use the Google Translate official URL at on your computer.

Functions of Google Translate

Going further, GT helps to translate multiple forms of media and text. Including Text, Images, Speech, and videos. Google Translate functions specifically include the below;

  • Translate helps to translate written words or text.
  • Functions as a translator for translating a webpage to the language you want.
  • Gtranslate helps to translate a document to a language you want.
  • Speech Translations translate a spoken language to the language you want.
  • Image translations instantly identify a text in an image and translate it instantly next to the image.

There are functions of Google translate but the above are some interesting features too.

Google Translate App

As stated earlier in this guide, Google Translate has a mobile device app that is compatible with any device type. You can get the app for free from the App Store of the device that you are using. Follow the steps below to get;

  • Open the App Store on your device.
  • Scroll through the apps or use the search box and type in GT and search.
  • Once the search results are pops up, tap on the first one at the top.
  • Tap on the Install button.

The app downloads to your device immediately if you have a good internet connection.

How to use Google Translate Offline

As I said earlier, to use Google Translate offline, you have to download the languages you want. Downloading languages to use offline is really simple. You can only download languages offline on the Translate App. Follow the steps below to do so;

Google Translate Download for PC

When it comes to the side of downloading the app into your PC or computer is different from the iPhone and the Android format. The PC format is that you have to open your system Microsoft Store which is the app store PCs or computers and the Microsoft Store is available to all Microsoft systems or computers.

After accessing it, click the search bar at the top and type in “TRANSLATOR FOR TRANSLATE” and you will find the app on the result page. Click on the app and tap on ‘Get’ to start downloading the app, when you are done with the downloading, install it and you can start using it.

For the iPhone and iPad;

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Open the App.
  • On either side of the page, tap on the language from the top.
  • Next, to the language you want, tap on Download.
  • You would be asked to download the language file, then tap on Download.

Once it has been downloaded, you will see downloaded next to it.


Google translates Android can be used on iPhones too, that if you can send it to an iPhone device, the only difference is that the place to download it is different. You can download the translator app to your Android device from your google play store and search for “Google Translate” on the search engine.

  • Firstly, open the Translate app.
  • From either side of the screen, tap the language.
  • Next, to the language you want, tap on Download.
  • You will need to download the file, tap on Download.

The language would be shown as downloaded once downloaded.

How to Use Google Translate Download App

After downloading and the installation, open the app and then you have to go and copy the message that you want to translate and paste it inside the translate box. But before then you need to look for the language and then paste it inside the language box and it will translate to English inside the English box. You can use those steps to translate any language into English and you can also translate from English to any other language.

There is an easy way to translate without minimizing back to the translator app. You just have to make the translator app to be popping out whenever you copy any message that you want to change to English or any other language. Just open the app and click on the menu icon at the left side of the screen, tap settings, and click on “tap to translate.” Turn on the switch bar by enabling it, and you can minimize back to your chatting platform or wherever you want to copy the message from.

So that when you copy the message the translator app will pop up at the top of the screen, no need of going back to the app to paste the text there. You can just click the pop-up translator or translate the app and the text will translate no need for looking for the text language. And you can use the app on any social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any kind of chatting platform even your message inbox on your phone.

Google Translate Download App

The google translate app is a language translating app that can be used to change or translate other languages like the Portuguese language to English speaking the language. You can use the translator app to translate any kind of language into the language you want to change it to, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, India language, German, Spanish, Bengali, Malay and Indonesian, Swahili, Italian, Tamil, and so much more.

The google translate app is an app that is owned by Google itself, so if you must use this app you need to log in to your Gmail account on it. You are not the one to log in to the Google or Gmail account into it, it automatically logs itself in when you install the app and open it.

The languages available in google translate or Translator are 59 languages but you can translate any other language that is not inside the app also, it does not really mean that the language you are translating must be inside the app. You can download google translate on any device like an Android phone, iPhone, and computer or PC.

Google Translate Spanish To English

Without telling you what Google translates from Spanish to English you will understand what it is. Most time when we are chatting on any social media platform and it happens that you are chatting with someone that speaks Spanish. How can you know what he or she is talking about, that is a question you should be asking.

In other to understand what the person that you are chatting with is saying. You just have to open your google translate app and copy the text that the person sent to you. Then paste it on the box, and the text will automatically translate itself to English.

You can reply to him or her in the same language that he or she used to message you by clicking the reply button below. After typing whatever you want to reply, copy the text and paste it to your chat reply box and send.

Google Translate Availability

This amazing software is available on Android devices and iOS devices through the mobile app or the Google keyboard. It also comes preinstalled on Chrome for Windows. If you want to have full control of your translation, you could easily install the translation software on your browser. You don’t need to have a Google account before you can install the extension on your browser. All you need is Google Chrome.

Google Translate Extension

This plugin is mainly for those using the Chrome web browser. If you fall under this category and you want this amazing feature, follow the steps indexed below to install Google Translate on your browser.

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser installed on your device.
  • Hit the search bar and visit this Link.
  • Hit the “ENTER” key on your keyboard.
  • On the new page that would be displayed, hit “Add to Chrome”.

Wait a few seconds for the extension to be downloaded and it would be installed on your Google Chrome app.

Features of the google translate

There are different and many features of google translate which we will discuss in this part of the article also the google Translate is very unique in that it draws and catches the attention of people.


One of the best features of google translate is accuracy. The information and the translation are very correct. As we all know google’s accuracy beats most apps as most of the apps are relying on people’s facts. But google translate is very precise about any question, or information being asked.

Write to translate

You can use google translate to translate written sentences or you also choose to translate them to another language. To use this feature tap handwriting and simply start writing in the write here box. You can also speak to translate. To use this feature all you have to do is to tap the conversation. If you want to make it more fun you can tap the wave icon to bring up a card that explains what you are doing to the other person.

Advantages of the google translation

The advantages of google translation are listed below

Easy to use

Google Translate is very easy to use as it needs no interpreter to interpret what you want to do.

It also has the ability to customize the behavior of the pop-up

It can translate a whole web page

Google Translate also lets you listen to the pronunciations of those words.

Disadvantages of the google translation

The disadvantage of Google Translate is that sometimes it gives an inaccurate translation. Most times the icon doesn’t pop up. Also, google translate sometimes doesn’t recognize the text as translatable.

How to Translate English to Hindu

To translate English into Hindu, is very simple all you have to do is

First of all download, the google translate app on your devices

Then set up google translate for first-time users you will be asked to choose your primary language and the language you translate the most.

Then you use google translate on your devices and you are ready for a new kind of vibes

Always put it in mind that you can explore more, gain information, learning a different language using Google Translate.

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