Hangout App – How to Download the Hangout Apk | Feature of Hangout Apk

Since the advent of different messaging and calling Apps, communicating with our friends and family have become easier and faster.  With the aids of these apps, you can now stay in touch with people that matter most to you via text, talk, or video. Some of the most popular Messaging and calling apps are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and a lot more. But the Hangout App makes chatting, messaging, and connecting with your family, friends, and business clients faster and more convenient.  The Hangout App is a cross messaging app that was created by Google to enable online users to stay in touch with their loved ones regardless of their geographical location.

Furthermore, with the Google Hangout App, you can massage a contact, start free video or voice calls and you can start a conversation with one person or a group. The App comes with an awesome and unique interface and with several amazing features. Besides, the Hangout App can be downloaded on your android and iOS devices and for Desktop users it comes as a Chrome Extension App.  The App saves you the stress of launching your web browser over and over again to access the Google Hangout services via your web browser. You can easily access all the Gmail hangout services on your Mobile device by simply downloading the App or using the Chrome Extension Feature for pc.

Features of the Google Hangout App

There are quite a number of features that the Hangout Apk provides you. This App provides you with the best messaging and calling experience compare to other similar apps. And you know, Google is one of the best multinational technology companies in the world and their service are always top-notch. When you check out some of the Google Messaging apps like Google Chat/ chat, Google Meet, Google Text, and a lot more.

You will defiantly agree with me that Google always provides its users with the best services. And so, it is no surprise that the Hangout App also comes with its own unique and outstanding features.  Here are the features of the Hangout;

  • It allows you send media files like photo, Videos and emojis
  • You can start a conversation between two or more users
  • Make free calls with other Hangout Users
  • Ability to message a contact even when they are offline
  • Start a free Voice or Video call
  • You can start a group chat with Up to 150 people
  • Supports Video conference calls
  • Make free Video calls with up to 10 people

Aside from the above-listed features, another notable feature of the Hangout App is that it allows you to connect your Google Voice account in order to send SMS, make phone calls and send voice mails. Google Hangouts is not your regular messaging app. Because it allows you to collaborate at distance, send instant messages, video chat, share pictures, files, and a lot more.   The Google Hangouts chat and Video call app has been able to break all geographical barriers and make face-to-face communication possible irrespective of distance.

How to Download the Hangout Messenger App

The Hangout Messenger App as I once mentioned can be downloaded on your android and iPhone mobile operating system for free. You can only install the Google Hangout Chrome Extension on your windows or your can visit the official website of the platform via your computer web browser. Meanwhile, the app is completely free to download into your mobile smartphone. It can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google App play store. Or you can download the Google Hangout App from any reliable APK store online.   However, I will be showing steps and guidelines to download the Hangout Apk on your android and iOS devices from the Google play store and Apk store.  Follow the steps below;

Hangout App Download for Android

  • Open the Google Play store on your device
  • Using the search engine, search for the Google Hangout App
  • You will then be provided with a list of options
  • Tap on the App once found
  • Click on the install button
  • Once downloaded, launch and open the App

Google Hangout Download for iPhone

  • From your iOS home screen
  • Tap to open your App store
  • Search For the Google Hangout using the search engine
  • Result of your search will be provided
  • Tap on the App from the options
  • Click on Get
  • Once the downloaded, launch and open the App

There you have it. The above process and guidelines are the simple and easy ways to download the Google Hangout on your mobile operating systems. Meanwhile, in order to download and install the Hangout Apk on your Desktop, check out the next outline.

How to download it on your PC

The Hangout apk for Windows can be downloaded from the Chrome web store or you can search online for the Google Hangouts App for windows. It allows you to chat, video call, and make voice calls using your computer.  You can follow the process below to add the hangout massager app on your window;

  • Open for computer web browser
  • Search for the Google Hangouts Chrome Extension App
  • Or go to the Chrome web store
  • Search for the Google Hangout APP
  • Tap On add to Chrome
  • A pop up will appear on your screen
  • Tap on Add extension

Afterward, the Google Hangouts Apk will be added to your computer chrome extension. Now you can access all the services of Google Hangout using your Computer.

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