Home Care Jobs in Canada with Sponsorship

Are you a professional home caregiver? Do you wish to work in Canada? Is migrating an issue? What if you can migrate without having to bother about your visa? In Canada, there are so many home care job opportunities given with visa sponsorship. And is open for foreigners to apply for. Therefore, as a foreign professional caregiver, this is an opportunity for you to migrate to Canada and take up Home Care Jobs with Visa sponsorship.

Taking up Home Care jobs in Canada with Visa sponsorship could earn you about $32,564 per year or $16.70 per hour depending on the job you apply for. And to do this job, your employer might require you to have diplomas in some areas which include social care, health care, or any course related to the job. However, the main reason why you might be required to provide this, is in case an elder would be assigned under your care. As you would have to take care of his/her affairs and daily duties. And also ensure your client is satisfied with your services.

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Responsibilities of Home Caregivers

Home care jobs or givers are set of people who handle home chores. And also take care of the home and their clients. They are paid or requested to take care of the home responsibilities. And make a lot of things a lot easier and faster for their clients. Do you have the experience and qualifications for this job? Then you should see the responsibilities that would be given to you when you apply for this job below;

  • Handle household chores
  • Assist clients with their hygiene and care.
  • Give the clients the support they need.
  • Be pleasant.
  • Go shopping for your client or accompany them if they are going.
  • Report any accident around the home.
  • Help clients with their prescribed medications.

There are so many responsibilities of home care jobs. The above listed are the basic ones. Other responsibilities that you would be assigned as a home caregiver would be made known to you. By your employer when applying for the job.

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Home Care Jobs in Canada with Sponsorship

Home Care Jobs in Canada with Sponsorship and Salaries

Do you know that in Canada there are so many homes care jobs with visa sponsorship you can apply for? Do you also know that they come with so many different worthy salaries? Knowing all these could help you make the right choice on the job you want to do.

However, while looking at jobs, you will want to know the salary. The essence of this is to help you decide which job is okay for you. And if migrating to Canada to do the job is worth it or not. Meanwhile, here are some of the available jobs with the salaries per hour and per month below;

  • Live-in caregiver- persons with disabilities- $17.50 per hour.
  • Food service worker- Operations- $20.97 per year.
  • Food service worker- $15 per hour.
  • Live-in caregiver- seniors- $1,700- $2,200 per month.
  • Warehouse- $17 per hour.
  • Cleaning attendant- $27.65 per hour.
  • Housekeeper- $24.37 per hour.
  • Live-in caregiver, child care- $16.45 per hour.

For more jobs, you can visit the job posting sites like indeed, Fiverr, and other available sites online. So as for you to see the different jobs and apply for the job of your choice on the platform.

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