How Much is Flight From New York to California?

The price of a flight from New York to California largely depends on the specific airline you intend to fly with. However, there are over 20 direct flights from New York to California, with flight prices between $200 and $216. When choosing a flight, it is important to consider your budget and preferences.

How Much is Flight From New York to California?

This article will serve as a guide to choosing the best flight option that suits your needs and budget. Read on to get more insight on the flight price from New York to California.

Highlighted below are the best prices for your flight from New York to California.

Spirit Airlines$62  $271  No cancellation fee  65%  
Alaska Airlines$91  $410  No cancellation fee  75%  
JetBlue$99  $368  No cancellation fee  62%  
United Airlines$99  $456  No cancellation fee  69%  
Delta$128  $405  No cancellation fee  N/A  
Breeze Airways$138  $258  No cancellation fee  N/A  
Sun Country Air$142  $374  No cancellation fee  83%  
Frontier$160  $249  No cancellation fee  62%  
American Airlines$178  $410  No cancellation fee  71%  
SkyWest Airlines$253  $398  No cancellation fee  N/A  

New York City to California Airports

Outlined below are major commercial airports that currently transport travelers from New York to California:

  • New York John F. Kennedy.
  • Newark Liberty International.
  • New York LaGuardia.
  • Los Angeles International.
  • Ontario International.

Also, if your route allows you to navigate through multiple airports, you may be able to get an alternate airport, which can help in saving on costs and other expenses.

How long is the flight from New York City to California?

The average time you will spend on a flight from New York to California is about 6 hours and 22 minutes.

How far in advance should I book a flight from New York to California?

When booking a flight from New York to California, we strongly advise our readers to book their flights at least 16 days in advance. This can help you save up to 115% of the flight price compared to booking your flight close to the week you’re leaving.

It’s also important to prepare for potential fluctuations in price if you seek affordability, the reason being that the flight price is tentative and could change at any time depending on certain factors.

Booking 16 days in advance may not be feasible for everyone, which is why we recommend consulting a travel agency that can provide tips that will guide you on how to book your flight.

When is the cheapest month to fly from New York to California?

Based on our findings from different airlines and sources on the internet, the cheapest month to fly from New York to California is usually in February. This month, there are discounts offered by different airlines from New York to California.

The flight price is usually around $352 in February, and you can get tickets as low as $122. However, if you intend to travel to California around December, prepare for potentially high prices, as flight prices are affected by a lot of factors during this month.

How to Get Cheap Flights from New York to California

Getting a cheap flight from New York to California requires planning and the implementation of certain strategies that would help you get cheap flights. Highlighted below are some tips that can help you get affordable flight options:

Book your flight in advance

This is one of the major ways you can get an affordable flight when you book your flight well in advance of the day you are traveling; it often leads to lower prices. When traveling from New York to California, ensure you book your flight weeks or months ahead of your travel date instead of booking at the last minute.

Be flexible with dates

Being flexible with your travel dates can have a significant impact on the price of your flight. To do this, make use of comparison websites or airlines that give insights on the cheapest day to fly; this would enable you to know what date is considered the best to fly. There are several airlines that offer sales prices on specific days of the week; you can take advantage of that offer before taking off to California.

Compare prices

If you seek an affordable flight, comparing prices is often a good idea. Before booking your flight to California, ensure you compare the flight prices from diverse online travel agencies, websites, and airlines.

By doing this, you will be able to make informed choices that can prevent you from straining your pocket. Most often than not, booking flights directly from the airline can result in lower prices, and you can also be offered better deals.

Consider alternative airports

Factoring this option into your flight booking can also help you get an affordable flight price. Be on the lookout for flights departing from nearby airports or those arriving at alternative airports in California.

Usually, flying into a different airport can lead to cheap flight fares. However, you may need to consider the cost of transportation to your final destination.

Sign up for alerts

We strongly advise that you subscribe to fare alerts from the airline or travel agency you intend to book the flight from. When you sign up for alerts, you will get notifications when prices drop for flights from New York to California.

Avoid peak travel times

The best way to get an affordable flight from New York to California is to avoid booking your flight during the high travel seasons, when the prices for booking flights are higher. Rather, wait for seasons that can help you secure the cheapest fare rates.

You can also consult a certified travel agency that can offer valuable tips on how to book flights ahead and ways you can get an affordable flight. 

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