How To Apply For Amazon Storefront

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How To Apply For Amazon Storefront- Are you new to Amazon Storefront and want to use it for your business? Or you have heard a lot about it and want to apply for one or create one? Then this article is going to guide you every step of the way.

In the meantime, if you want to become an Amazon Influencer, then you can proceed to create an Amazon Storefront. But first, you need to be accepted to the Amazon Influencer Program first before you will be able to get a storefront.

How To Apply For Amazon Storefront

In other words, there are steps you will need to go through to be able to become an Amazon influencer. The first thing you need to do is to register. And to do this, you will have to visit the Amazon Influencer page and tap on the Sign-Up option.

Follow the prompts on the page and fill out all the necessary information. If your application is approved, you can now create a Storefront.

What’s more, if you are a member of the Amazon Brand Registry, you will be able to create storefronts to boost the interest of your brands. In addition, you also have access to the special Amazon Storefront as well.

How To Apply For Amazon Storefront

In this section, I will be giving you the full process you will need to follow to be able to apply for Amazon Storefront.

So, if you would like to be an Amazon Influencer but you do not know what process you will have to go through, keep reading through this section to find out more.

Here is how to apply for Amazon Storefront:

  • Visit the Amazon influencer Page at
  • Next, tap on the yellow Sign Up option.
  • You will find this button in the center of the header.
  • Once you tap this option, you will be asked to create a new Amazon account or select an existing one.
  • So, if you are creating a new one, you will have to provide these details:
  • Your name.
  • Email address.
  • Password.
  • And address.
  • Once you do, you will now need to register for the program and you need to provide these:
  • Your name.
  • At least a 250 x 250 px profile picture.
  • Access to information on your well-known social media account.
  • Optional header image.
  • Enter a 350-character bio.
  • An address you want all reports to be received on.
  • URLs or usernames to all your social media accounts.
  • You will need to enter all these to be able to qualify for the influencer program.
  • Then, select a social media where your presence is high.
  • Next, create a storefront.
  • Fill out your Amazon Storefront.
  • Enter the type of content you make.
  • Social networks in which you are active.
  • How appropriate are your products for your brand and many more?

Follow the steps on the next page to be able to complete your application for Amazon Storefront.

If you are approved, you can then set it up and start marketing your products and even become an Amazon Influencer.

How To Set Up Your Amazon Storefront

If you do not know, here is how to set up your Amazon Storefront:

  • Log in to the Amazon Associate portal.
  • Navigate to the Manage My Storefront.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom and you will find a spot where you will have to add a header and photo.
  • Upload a profile photo.
  • Do not forget to also add a brief description and bio of your brand.
  • Add a header image to the top of your Amazon Storefront.

Once you complete this process, you can now start creating Idea Lists to build your storefront and attract more people.

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