How To Use Dark Mode On iPhone

How To Use Dark Mode On iPhone – Are you an iPhone user but not comfortable with the brightness of your phone? There are two things you can actually do to stop that. You can either reduce your iPhone’s brightness or set dark mode on your iPhone. In this article, you will be enlightened on how to set dark mode on your iPhone.

Dark mode, however, reduces the light produced by a device screen while maintaining a low color-contrast ratio in order to maintain your reading ability. On your iPhone, using this feature not only helps reduce light but also helps improve the appearance of your iPhone apps and save your device battery.

How To Use Dark Mode On iPhone

Furthermore, this feature can only be enabled on your phone and not on the apps. There are some apps that have been programmed only in light mode. Therefore, you can’t change the color. You would therefore have to reduce your screen brightness to avoid the emergence of too much light.

While there are some apps that enable you to switch to dark mode, note that setting your dark mode iPhone doesn’t mean you have set everything on that device to dark mode, which includes the apps.

Advantages of DarkMode iPhone

Setting dark mode on your iPhone has a lot of benefits. One of the advantages is that, for people with sight issues, dark mode helps reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes from your phone screen.

Too much light could affect the eyes if the brightness is not reduced or set to dark or night mode. There are other advantages that dark mode on an iPhone gives. They include;

  • With this feature on your iPhone, you can use your mobile device at night without the light reflecting to keep your partner awake.
  • Help reduce straining your eyes.
  • It also helps people who are sensitive to light.
  • Saves your device’s battery.
  • You can also use your device while in a cinema.

Although these are not all the advantages of having this feature on the iPhone, they are the main advantages. You can also say how dark mode has helped you take advantage of it. Try using dark mode on your device to enjoy these advantages and even the one you would discover yourself.

Disadvantages of Dark Mode on iPhone

We might not be expecting dark mode to have disadvantages. But definitely, everything with an advantage also has a disadvantage. Though the advantage might appear to have disadvantages, Some of the disadvantages of dark mode on the iPhone include:

  • Inability to read text when not in a shaded or dark area.
  • dark mode could make the eyes tired.
  • Reading long content could be tiring using dark mode.

A lot of people might not find using dark mode comfortable because it might affect their sight. However, if you are still interested in using dark mode on your iPhone, see the steps below on how to set it.

How To Use Dark Mode On iPhone

Turning on dark mode on your mobile device, which could be your iPhone (iOS), is a very easy thing to do. But for new iPhone users who might not know how to go about it, the steps will be listed below.

There are two ways in which you can switch to dark mode. They are through the control center and also through the use of your iPhone settings. If you want to switch to dark mode, here are the steps:

  • Go to settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on display and brightness.
  • Select dark.
  • Then it would switch immediately.
  • Open your device control center.
  • Touch and hold the brightness control.
  • Tap dark mode on or if you want to off later do the same and tap dark mode off.

You can also set a schedule for your dark mode. To come up whenever you want instead of going to the settings or using the control center when needed. Just go to Settings on your iPhone, click on display & brightness then tap on automatic. Lastly, click options, to select the time you want it to come up.

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