Best Investment Apps in Ghana

Best Investment Apps in Ghana – Everyone is on a path to building wealth for themselves and getting into a stronger financial position. And while people have jobs or businesses they run, one of the best things that can help you become rich is investing.

If you are really looking to build healthy financial habits that bring results, you really need to get big on the scene with financial investment. Furthermore, online investment is now globally accepted as a profitable source of income. The best part is that you can start from the comfort of your home.

Best Investment Apps in Ghana

In Ghana, there are several reliable and easy-to-use investment apps to consider. In this guide, we will be outlining some of the best investment apps in Ghana for you to make use of.

What Are Investment Apps?

Investment apps are software applications designed to facilitate and simplify the process of investing in various financial assets. Some of these are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrencies, and more.

These apps are typically available for mobile devices smartphones and tablets and desktop computers. In addition, these apps provide individuals with convenient access to financial markets and investment opportunities.

Investment apps can serve a range of purposes, from stock trading and portfolio management to research and financial education.  Lastly, these platforms work well to help you invest in relevant stuff, monitor your investment, and claim your profits later.

Best Investment Apps in Ghana

You can rest assured that your investments will be at lower risk when you work with a good investment app. Here are some of the best investment apps that you can try in Ghana to get a profit back on your money:


Vault is a pristine app that mainly serves the retirement investor crowd. What this means is that its users can easily open an account to get a retirement account. Then, invest money, get the best retirement plans, and more. Primarily, the app is simple enough as it comes with qualified and legitimate insights from customer service representatives who are trained.

Additionally, it allows its users to contribute a fixed percentage of their income to a retirement plan of their choice. Also, it has a minimum cash amount of $1 as well as a $1 monthly fee.

Personal Capital

The Personal Capital app helps users evaluate portfolio performances. Also, it helps track and update their portfolio holdings, check out gainers and losers in their investment portfolios, etc. Some of these features give you glimpses of how you are coping in the market.

Further, users do not pay trade commissions, and the asset fee price begins at 0.89 percent of the first million dollars that you invest in the app. They charge a single fee based on trade costs and custody and a percentage of the assets that are managed.


Another great investment app that you can use in Ghana on this list is the Stash app. This app is equipped with all the best financial market tools that can help you immensely in the investment market.

Stash helps its users invest in low-cost exchange stocks and funds. When you sign up for an account at the fee of $1, you will get your own investment account, fractional investing that costs about $5, unlimited education, trades, etc.


This investment app comes with many investment features and great marketing tools that help its users thrive. Also, it has a gift card option where you can hand out a $20 gift card for your child’s birthday instead of purchasing a video game or gift card from a box retailer. Furthermore, all users of this platform can easily buy exchange-traded funds or fractional shares of stocks at a low rate of $5 per trade.


Wealthfront is a good investment plan that comes with investment analysts who help the users on this platform with the best investment strategy.

There are investment options that come with the app and are also free with the first $10,000 under management. After that, the company charges 0.25% of total assets and needs a $500 minimum investment.


One of the best investment apps in Ghana is the Trove app. They offer individuals access to multiple assets that are listed on foreign and local stock exchanges. Furthermore, you can easily deposit, invest, save, and withdraw funds.


This is another good investment app that is upcoming in Ghana for its good use. This app helps you start trading and investing big in the stock market.

Also, the app allows Ghanaians to easily buy and sell shares in both local and foreign companies. InvestSika is a good investment app that you can try out in Ghana for high rewards.

How to Pick the Right Investment App in Ghana

Before you can settle down on your final selection of the investment app you will use, you have to be willing to make better judgments. In other words, there are certain factors that you have to consider before you pick an investment app you will use in Ghana.

Firstly, you have to ensure that the investment app you want is either free to use or affordable for you. Also, they should have low commission charges and trading fees.

Furthermore, there are various investment apps in Ghana that you can use, and every one comes with varying features. Hence, you should be willing to work through the features to know which one has features that will be very beneficial to you.

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