How to Watch The Chosen – Step by Step Guide

How do I watch The Chosen Season Series?  If you have been wondering how to stream The Chosen Season series, then this article is highly recommended for you. The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series of the Life of JESUS CHRIST. It is worthwhile to know that the show is free and millions of people won’t stop talking about it. You can watch the movie for free without a subscription, fee, and email address because the aim of the movie is to reach out to a billion people.

How to Watch The Chosen - Step by Step Guide

Currently, you can watch The Chosen free through the Angel Studios mobile app. To stream the series, you don’t need to pay because tons of people are paying it forward for billions of people to watch for free. Also, every episode of The Chosen is available to watch for free on the Angel Studios website, The Chosen YouTube page, VidAngel, and the BYUtv website. Again, you can also stream the episode through the Chosen TV app which you can download from your mobile Google Play Store or iTunes.

How to Watch The Chosen On My TV

One of the easiest ways to stream The Chosen Series on your TV is to download the Angel Studios app which is available on the following streaming devices Apple TV, Roku, FireTV, and Google TV. Also, you can watch from The Chosen app from streaming TVs like Chromecast, smart TVs with Airplay, and Roku.

How to Watch The Chosen from the Mobile App

To stream The Chosen from the Angel Studios is pretty easy and it is available from anywhere in the world. First, you need to download the Angels Studio app from your Google PlayStore. You need to download the app now to start watching for free on your device. Hence, after you have downloaded the app to your mobile device, then you can now watch the movie for free. Below is how to stream movies on your device.

  • Download The Chosen app from your Appstore or Playstore
  • On the splash screen, select the episode you want to stream
  • Lastly, enjoy streaming on the go.

How to watch The Chosen Online

The easiest way so far to stream The Chosen effortlessly is by watching it directly on the website. The Chosen lovers can watch Chosen Season 1 and 2 from the Angels studios without paying any streaming fee. Also, netizens can stream the movies without subscribing or registering on the platform. and so far so good this has been the easiest way to stream your favorite episode for free.

How to Stream on the Angel Studios

  • Launch your web browser
  • Visit
  • Select on start season 1
  • Next, select Play Episode

Afterward, you can now enjoy watching the movies. Also, there is bonus content that is available for you to watch for free. The bonus contents contain major principles of the movie, the cast of the movies, the journey into the movie, and some intriguing trailer of the movie.  

How to Watch The Chosen on YouTube

You can also watch the complete season 1 of The Chosen using YouTube for free. If you don’t want to stream from the website, you can alternatively stream the full season 1 from Youtube. Below is how to stream the full season 1 on YouTube.

  • Launch the YouTube app  on your device
  • Using the search bar, search on the Chosen season 1
  • All the full episodes of season 1 series will be displayed
  • Select The season you want to watch

You can watch the whole of Season 1 directly from The Chosen YouTube page. Note that for now, only the full season 1 episodes are available on the YouTube page for you to watch. If you would love to stream the full available episodes of season 1 and season 2 then you should visit the Angel Studios for everything. Note that you can also get bonus content.

Other platforms that you can stream The Chosen

Currently, The Chosen is available across other platforms for free like For instance, if you have a paid subscription plan of some movie streaming platform, you can use your subscription to also stream the movies on them like Hulu.

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