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What is immigration? Immigration is a process whereby a person becomes a citizen or resident of another country. It is an international movement of an individual to a destination (country) of which they are not natives or they do not own citizenship. A person who goes through immigration is called an ‘Immigrant’ or migrant. In the U.S immigration and Nationality, an immigrant is a person who is seeking to be a lawful permanent citizen of the country. In recent times, the United States has become home to the immigration largest population in the country. A foreigner or stranger who wants to immigrate to the United States must have a petition approved and accepted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. Before you can now apply for an immigrant visa.

Immigration - 4 Types of Immigration | USCIS

There are lots of benefits that come with Immigration, for the country and the individual. Although there are benefits the immigration process is long and costly and might also be stressful. In most cases, someone can sponsor you or file an immigrant petition for you.  Immigration can also be gotten through marriage. If the individual gets married to a citizen of the country, he or she can also become a citizen. Do you want to know more about immigration? Follow this article to the end. That is because I will talk more about immigration in this article.

Benefit of Immigration

Like it was stated above, there are lots of benefits. However, below are some of the benefits of immigration, check it out.

  • Immigration increases economic growth
  • Immigration helps to grow the size of the labor force and increase in the productive capacity of the society.
  • Better work force
  • It provides skilled workers like doctors, teachers and so many more.
  • It helps to deal with ageing population.
  • great cultural diversity

Immigration helps to develop the country and also helps with unemployment. That is why it was stated above that it helps both the immigrant and the country as a whole. Although, the immigration process is stressful it’s definitely worth the stress.

What are the 4 types of immigration status?

When immigrating to the United States, there are four different types of immigration status categories that the immigrant might fall into. The below are the categories, check them out.

  • Undocumented – these immigrants are the individual who came to the country without permission or illegally. That means they won’t be able to live or work legally. They would be able to live in the country illegally.
  • Non Immigrant status- these are people who are living in the country on a temporary basis. They include students, business visitors and those who are given temporary protected status
  • Conditional and permanent status- they are individual who receive or collect their green card before completing two years of marriage. Conditional residency requires immigrants and their partner to jointly file to remove any condition before two years come to an end after collecting the green card. Or the green card will expire and the resident can be deported.
  • Citizens- the citizen is either a person born in the United States or became a naturalized citizen after the period of three to five years as resident. This individual cannot be deported unless if he or she is involved in fraudulent cases.

The above are the types of united states immigration status. As an immigrant, there are limits to what you can do so as to not get deported from the country.

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