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What is the US immigration department called? The US immigration department is called USCIS fully known as U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services the agency is involved in the administration of naturalization and immigration systems. USICS is a successor of the INS which stands for Immigration and Naturalization Service. The INS was involved in the immigration process before it was replaced with the now USICS. In this article, I will be enlightening you on everything you need to know about the Immigration department.

Immigration Department - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services | USAGov

Also, immigration to the United States is the moving of non-United States citizens to take residence permanently in the United States. The Immigration Department is mainly responsible for the duties of Citizenship Immigration naturalization and more.  Over the years, the Immigration department USCIS has recorded the highest number of immigration applications than any other country. The USCIS has many functions like processing and determining immigration matters such as applications for jobs, visas, and citizenship. The agency also performs the task of safeguarding national security and also maintains case backlogs. The U.S.A Immigration Department is being headed by Ur Jaddou.

Functions of the Immigration Department

The immigration department performs many functions and all of these functions are really tasking and core to the security of the country. Before you can become a permanent resident of any country, you need to visit the Immigration department of the country. Below are the functions of the U.S Immigration Department

  • USCIS administer Immigration services.
  • It also processes application forms like naturalization application, asylum application and more.
  • It helps in the processing of visa petitions.
  • Administer immigration benefits.
  • Conduct background check of visa applicants.
  • Helps in foreign adoption process.
  • Handles all the forms both online and offline associated with immigration and naturalization.
  • USCIS issue employment authorization documents.
  • The agency also offers adjudicating petitions for non-immigrant temporary workers.
  • USCIS offers contact center.
  • The agency also offers Application Support Center.

The USCIS aims at helping immigrants work out their immigration process efficiently, one such improvement includes reducing the applicant backlog, providing customer service, providing application support centers, and many more.

How do the USCIS works

If are sure that you want to immigrate to the U.S, then you have to read go through this. Sponsors, family members, and employers that want to sponsor foreign nationals for immigration must submit applications and documents to the USCIS while individuals who are immigrating will also have their dealings with the USCIS officials. Also, the naturalization interviews, the test, and the green card interviews are conducted by the USCIS. Finally, the immigration process can be tiring and incredibly complex. However, to get through with it you need to get the service of an immigration lawyer who can stand for you in the federal agencies

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