International Scholarships For Women

International Scholarships for Women – Are you a woman and are you looking to pursue higher education at a higher institution? What if we told you that there are scholarship opportunities, especially for women who want to attain their professional and academic goals? Yes, there are!

So, if you are interested, the best way to find out more details is to stick with us until the end of this blog post.

International Scholarships For Women

International scholarships offer opportunities in different areas of study. Some of these study areas include the humanities and social sciences, science, mathematics, technology, arts, and engineering.

However, the good thing about some of these scholarships is that, apart from tuition fee coverage, these scholarship programs cover the travel and living expenses of female applicants who are eligible for international scholarship programs.

So, if you are a foreigner and would like to study abroad, this article provides some of the best international scholarships you can apply for. Therefore, we implore you to read through to be enlightened.

Top 10 International Scholarships for Women

If you are a woman with dreams of completing your education or pursuing one, here are a few scholarship options that you can apply for as an international student:

  1. Generation Google Scholarship (EMEA)
  2. Amelia Earhart Scholarships
  3. Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships
  4. E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS)
  5. Eira Francis Davies Scholarship
  6. UNESCO Scholarship for Women
  7. Australia Awards Scholarship.
  8. British Council Women in STEM
  9. Margaret McNamara Education Grants
  10. CFA Women’s Scholarship.

Generation Google Scholarship (EMEA)

If you are pursuing a field in computer science, then the Generation Google Scholarship is the perfect scholarship opportunity to try out.

Besides, this scholarship program is awarded based on academic success, inclusion and equity, the candidate’s dedication, and leadership qualities.

So, if you want to survive in the world of technology, you can apply for and get the Generation Google Scholarship to pursue your dreams.

Amelia Earhart Scholarships

If you are interested in aerospace science or aerospace engineering and would like to pursue a career in the field, you can apply for the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. Besides, this scholarship is given to about 35 female international students who are interested in this area of study.

Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships

The Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship is one of the best international scholarships for women. It is a biennial fellowship in honor of Mrs. Dorothy Marchus, the late wife of Larry Senesh.

However, if you are studying in the field of peace, the Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships program will be a nice opportunity.

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS)

This is among the top 10 international scholarships for women. The P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship provides financial aid to female applicants from non-North American countries. Those who are studying at a university in Canada or the United States of America

However, if you want to be eligible for this program, you must have one year of coursework to complete.

Eira Francis Davies Scholarship

If you would like to study in the United Kingdom and you are from a developing nation, Swansea University provides a yearly full-tuition scholarship program that is awarded to one interested female candidate.

However, you are only eligible if you are studying health science and want to obtain a master’s degree.

UNESCO Scholarship For Women

If your dream is to further your education abroad as a woman, then you are in luck because there are multiple opportunities, and the UNESCO Scholarship for Women is one of them.

This program was established in 1998 and is available and accessible to women who are in the science field.

Australia Awards Scholarship

The Australia Awards Scholarship is given by the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Therefore, the purpose of this international scholarship is to assist various countries around the world to make a change and play an important role in the social and economic development of their home country.

British Council Women in STEM

One of the best and top 10 international scholarships for women is the British Council Women in STEM. They are partners with 19 universities in the United Kingdom and have been active for the past three years.

However, women from South Asia, Turkey, America, Central Asia, Mexico, the Western Balkans, Brazil, East Asia, and Egypt are eligible for this scholarship program.

Margaret McNamara Education Grants

Another top 10 international scholarship for women is the Margaret McNamara Education Grant. It was founded in 1981 but is still among the best scholarship opportunities for female applicants from around the world from eligible countries.

It is a non-profit organization that gives women within the age limit of 25 and older educational funds to support their careers.

CFA Women’s Scholarship

For women who want to pursue a career as a CFA, the CFA Women’s Scholarship program is available for you. However, the number and demand for CFA-verified professionals are skyrocketing around the world.

So, this scholarship opportunity gives you the chance to find a good job in the investment management sector.

Final Thoughts

These combined scholarship opportunities show the potential for women who are passionate about pursuing their academic dreams. However, the purpose of these scholarship opportunities is to empower and support women and help them be great in their respective fields.