Jeff Bezos Yacht – Everything you need to know about Yacht Y721

What is the Size Of The Jeff Bezos Yacht? The founder of the largest e-commerce store has his treasure chest full and he is the owner of his yacht, ‘Y721’. We all know of the famous name and man, Jeff Bezos. Well then, if we have all heard of the famous man Jeff Bezos, that means that we’ve heard of his immense wealth. And if you’ve heard of his wealth, that means we know of his wealth proprieties. Among those wealthy properties would be Jeff Bezos’ yacht.

However, at the news of Jeff building a yacht, there were thousands of questions started to arise, all focused on the yacht. If you perhaps happen to have questions of your own concerning this subject. Then all you have to do is read on in this article to learn more.

Who Is Building Jeff Bezos Yacht?

The yacht specially designed for Jeff Bezos is designed and created by Oceano. And its commission started in the year 2018. The yacht’s creation is supposedly said to cost around $500m. It was constructed in the same shipyard owned by Mohammed Al Barwari, an Omani businessman. Also, this yacht is situated in Alblasserdam, almost 12 miles from Rotterdam.

What is the Size Of The Jeff Bezos Yacht?

Once the yacht of Jeff Bezos was completed, it is recorded to have a finished length of 127 meters longs and an estimated 416 feet. You can instantly tell that it is a superyacht for sure. And with its designs similar to the largest yacht in the world. You can already tell it’s going to be another of the best yachts.

How is the interior of the Yacht?

The interior design of Jeff Bezos’s yacht is believed to be an inspiration by his close friend and former CEO of Fox, Barry Diller.  The Interiors onboard were specially created by the late Francois Catroux. And he was known for all his glam designs for famous aristocrats. His glamorous works were influenced by royals and moguls. Therefore, you can be sure that Jeff would find taste in his work. 

What are the features of the Yacht Y721?

Jeff Bezos’ Yacht is known to have a connection with the Black Pearl Yacht which was also designed by Oceano and was recorded as the largest sailing yacht. However, the Yacht Y721, while being quite popular, doesn’t really have a lot of its projects accurately known.

What we do know is that Jeff Bezos’ yacht is quite taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza and has most of its design highly inspired by the Black Pearl. Bezos’ yacht, Y721 has a vessel of 127 meters in length and triple masts that reach 70 meters.

Furthermore, the cost of the ship was over $500 million, and $25 million was an annual upkeep cost. The yacht also uses extreme and advanced green technology and the sail can be managed by a single person. In conclusion, Jeff Bezos’s yacht is among the most expensive yachts in the world.

Does Jeff Bezos Own Another Yacht Called The Flying Fox?

In the years 2021 and 2022, there were huge rumors and wide claims that Jeff Bezos had purchased a 136-meter superyacht called the Flying Fox. There were tons of stories that were so believable and even websites were backed up with stories of their own. However, Jeff Bezos released a statement at a later date that claims that he never purchased the Flying Fox. Well, it’s safe to say that those stories have died as Jeff confirms that he is the owner of the Y721 yacht.