Luxury Private Jets – Benefits, Price, and Where to Buy

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Purchasing luxury private jets isn’t a new deal as there are tons of influential people who buy these aero jets for their needs. However, if you want to learn more about luxury private jets and are interested in getting a huge upgrade from a regular airplane to a more private one. Then you should consider purchasing a luxury private jet.

Luxury Private Jets - Benefits, Price, and Where to Buy

Private jets are now more accessible than in the ancient years. And the more luxurious it is, the higher the ranks of purchase by people who have their needs invested in them. Also, purchasing a luxury private jet is no big deal and can be accomplished by anyone now.

You only have to know what you want and the type of deal that you will bring. What’s more, flying around with a luxury private jet is a pretty elite idea and it’s one that is achievable. Buying a private luxurious jet isn’t reserved for only rich folks. For whatever reason, you want to buy this, you can afford the privacy it brings. If you want to learn all about luxury private jets. Read this full article to get the most out of what you want.

How Much Do Luxury Private Jets Cost?

Meanwhile, there are various price tags that come with buying a private jet as affording luxury is not a small feat. If you are thinking of buying a private jet, you can choose to buy a new private jet or a used private jet.

If you are purchasing a new private jet, it usually comes at the cost of $3 million to $660 million. Also, the prices are often determined by various factors like size, range, engines, maker, and more. Meanwhile, the prices of used private jets are often cheaper. A used private jet could be bought at the price of $54 million and hundreds of dollars.

Benefits of Buying A Luxurious Private Jet

Meanwhile, there are many reasons why one might make the decision to buy a private luxury jet. With that aside, flying private with a luxury private jet has many beneficial features. Some of the benefits of flying a private jet are:


If you have the privilege of having your private jet, you have the assurance of a high level of security. This could either be based on personal needs or business tranquility. You might already know that tons of CEOs and even celebrities are legally required to fly private and this is due to security reasons. This is quite common among them.


Also, this is another advantage to people who fly private jets or own one. If you are faced with issues like your client being in a really far, unavailable place? Or your vacation seems to be in an out-of-the-way location? Getting transportation to those often proves to be very difficult as the airline services are often inadequate. Luckily, if you own a private jet, it is really easy to get access to those areas.


If you want to own something expensive like a luxury private jet, there’s no better feeling that comes than having your things customized. Of course, purchasing one means that all the options for customization and designs are up to you. Whether you want something like a business suite, a master bedroom, and so on, it’s all up to you and your taste.


Basically, owning a private jet allows you to get away with anything or prevents you from further harm while providing safety at the same time. For instance, if you have an allergy or your public airline transport does not allow pets, owning a private jet allows you the privilege of staying away from further harm and the freedom to bring along what you want.

Top 6 Most Expensive Private Jets

Before you go out and make a huge purchase on a private jet of your choice, you might want to see some of the best luxury private jets that are available. Some of the best includes:

  1. The Gulfstream G700
  2. Bombardier Global 7000
  3. Gulfstream G700
  4. Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner
  5. Boeing Business Jet 747-8i
  6. Airbus ACJ320neo

These are some examples of the best luxury private jets that are available in the market. However, you could also research and see what your favorite celebs are using as their own private luxury jets.

Where Can You Buy a Luxury Private Jet?

If you are solely interested in purchasing a private jet of your own, there are easily accessible places where you can make those purchases. If you want to push through with your plans, here are some places you can browse for luxury private jets:

  • AVBuyer
  • GlobalAir
  • Controller
  • JetCraft

Finally, there are many other places you can search and shop for private jets. A good place to start would be your area. Whilst most sellers don’t put up websites online, you could have better luck working with individual owners through a marketplace and so on.