LinkedIn Groups – How to Find and Join the Right LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Groups – Connecting with like-minded people on social media is one important step to take in achieving a certain goal. It is a normal way of life and a basic human desire for one to have that feeling of belonging in his/her immediate environment be it on social media or your physical environment.

LinkedIn Groups - How to Find and Join the Right LinkedIn Group

The quest for belonging has really been the reason that lifestyle on Social media, like the LinkedIn Groups are so popular. LinkedIn Groups are the best place to be when it comes to achieving any business-oriented goal, building up your entrepreneurship, looking for a business partner in your field, etc.

The platform is not only for professionals looking to belong but it is also meant for businesses targeting to be the best of its kind. Let’s dive in below the surface to know more about LinkedIn groups.

What Exactly are LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are online meeting room or forums on LinkedIn that provide a space for professionals in the same sector. Or people with the same interest and aim to share business content or ideas, provide solutions, post and view jobs. Making business connections and establish themselves as industry experts.

Participating in LinkedIn groups allows you to show case your expertise in a field and also meet people who are top professionals in the same field of yours.

Most of these people may be colleagues, who could probably provide solutions to certain problem you might be facing. Or could possibly raise up partnership to help you develop your business at the moment or in the future.

While others could possibly be potential customers, who are trying to get connection and also seek solutions of their own.

To gain recognition in a LinkedIn group, you need to start by sharing your experience, participating in group discussions, and trying to be a reliable source of information within the group.

By doing these you will automatically build valuable relationships with other top business expert which might possibly lead to a long-term partnership.

How Do I Find and Join the Right LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn website has really made it easy to find relevant Groups for your field/business in its community. You can as well use this medium to get audience for your kind of business.

Within LinkedIn, you can carry out a search in the search feature based on keywords and filter to get the right group for your business. On the platform there are both Public and Private Groups.

If they’re public, all you need to do is to hit the ‘Ask to Join’ button when you eventually find the LinkedIn group, you’re interested in. By doing this, you will automatically gain access instantly.

On the other hand, if it’s a Private Group. You’ll have request for an invitation from the manager of the LinkedIn private group to get access.

What Are the LinkedIn Groups to Join

If you are an entrepreneur and you’re looking for the perfect LinkedIn groups to join. You don’t need to waste much time searching for LinkedIn groups for your field.

I have taken some time in fishing out some important LinkedIn groups you can actually join to help you improve and grow your business. Below are 15 best LinkedIn groups all entrepreneurs should find themselves in.

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Start-Up Phase Forum
  3. Linked Business
  4. COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises)
  5. Entrepreneur and Small Business Forum
  6. Startup Mastermind
  7. Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile and More
  8. Bright Ideas and Entrepreneurs
  9. Executive Suite
  10. A Startup Specialists Group
  11. Band of Entrepreneurs
  12. Digital Marketing
  13. Entrepreneurs Meet Investors
  14. Entrepreneur’s Network
  15. Leadership Think Tank

As an Entrepreneur, I believe you want your Business to be at its peak. Therefore, do yourself good by getting started. Search out these LinkedIn Groups and participate in the Group’s activities, you never can tell who will find interest in your opinions or ideas. So, get to it.

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