US Election 2020 LIVE Updates – What You Need to Know About 2020 US Election

US Election 2020 LIVE updates – The US 2020 election which is scheduled to come up on November 3, 2020, is just a few hours away. Over ninety-million ballots have been cast in the race for who will take over the presidential seat between Republican Donald Trump and his challenger Democrat Joe Biden. Currently, Joe Biden has taken the lead over his challenger Donald Trump in swing states. Where the election will be decided in swing states, polling averages are tighter. Although the Democrat nominee Joe Biden has an edge in most of the states.

US Election 2020 LIVE Updates - What You Need to Know About 2020 US Election

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are hitting the road today in one last mad dash before voters who have not cast their ballots before polls. Trump will focus on North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. While Biden will focus majorly on Pennsylvania and a stop in Ohio.  A few minutes ago, Trump’s vice Mike Pence went to Pennsylvania to convince citizens over there. Mike Pence says Pennsylvania and America need four more years of Donald Trump. Earlier today. Brexit party leader, Nigel Paul Farage said he believed the Republican Donald Trump will win the forthcoming presidential election. As his support base was so passionate and he had gathered momentum in the final days of his campaign. Also, Donald Trump told the people of Texas, Pennsylvania that Joe Biden is against the Second Amendment and fracking. And right now, he is on his way to North Carolina.

US Election 2020 Live Updates | What You Need to Know

  • Donald Trump amps up uncertainty and plays down the pandemic as a chaotic campaign races to its conclusion.
  • A federal judge will weigh the fate of 120,000 Texas ballots that the G.O.P. is trying to throw out.
  • As both candidates meet in Pennsylvania, a new Monmouth poll finds Biden still ahead there.
  • At a late-night rally, Trump suggests he may fire Fauci ‘after the election.’
  • Trump supporters block highways as election tensions play out in the streets.
  • The new voting system in Maine could play a critical role in the close Senate race.
  • After the battle for the White House ends, both parties will still face big questions.

Kamala Harris in Pennsylvania

Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris just took to the stage in Pennsylvania where she spoke mostly about Joe Biden and his strong feelings for healthcare for all. The economy also copped a mention, as did taxes, tax cuts, workers’ rights, and national infrastructure. Oh, and Trump’s administration. Then, current vice president Mike pence spoke next where he said ‘’ Pennsylvania and America need four more years of the incumbent president’’ Donald Trump. Trump’s rally took place in North Carolina and started around the same time where he said he has been watching fake polls and that his opponent Joe Biden was down one percent.

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