Who’s in The Lead For President 2020 – Donald Trump Or Joe Biden

Who’s in the lead for president 2020? As the 2020 US election is just a few hours away, we’ll bring you the news of who’s in the lead for president 2020. The incumbent Republican president Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden have been traveling across the nation as the 2020 US election entered its final hours. Tomorrow which is November 3, 2020, citizens eligible to vote will decide whether Donald Trump will remain in the white house for another four years.

Who's in The Lead For President 2020 - Donald Trump Or Joe Biden

Presently, Joe Biden takes the lead over Donald Trump in the national polls for the US presidential election. But this lead does not guarantee Biden’s victory over Trump. If you can remember vividly in 2016, the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton also had a clear lead over Trump in the polls for almost the entire 2016 campaign. At, last she ended losing in the electoral college. Because the US presidential voting organization assigns each state a number of electoral college votes which goes to the state victor irrespective of the main of victory. If this was any other election, there will be high possibilities that Joe Biden will become the new US president after the presidential election votes are counted tomorrow.

But after the surprise victory of Donald Trump in 2016, over 230,000 death in the US caused by the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic and the likelihood that the results could wind up before the courts. On the other hand, Joe Biden remains the favorite to win the US presidential seat. And his chances of winning the election looked better than what Clinton did four years ago. For a candidate to be elected a US president, he or she must win at least 270 votes in what is called the electoral college.

Joe Biden Ahead of Donald Trump in National Presidential Polls

According to reports, Joe Biden takes the lead ahead of his challenger Donald Trump in the national polls at the moment. He is ahead of the Republican with an estimate of 8.9 points and his chances of winning the presidential seat have increased. Joe Biden seems to have strong leads in some states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In 2016, Donald Trump won by a margin of less than one percent to clinch victory. Here are the results of electoral votes from each state below;

Alabama                                                                              Alaska                                                   Arizona

Electoral votes: 9                                                              Electoral votes: 3                              Electoral votes: 11

Trump 60%                                                                         Trump 52%                                         Trump 46%

Biden 39%                                                                           Biden 45%                                           Biden 51%

Arkansas                                                                              California                                            Colorado

Electoral votes: 6                                                              Electoral votes: 55                           Electoral votes: 9

Trump 59%                                                                         Trump 32%                                         Trump 43%

Biden 39%                                                                           Biden 65%                                           Biden 55%

Connecticut                                                                       Delaware                                            D.C.

Electoral votes: 7                                                              Electoral votes: 3                              Electoral votes:3

Trump 37%                                                                         Trump 39%                                         Trump 7%

Biden 61%                                                                           Biden 59%                                           Biden 92%

Florida                                                                                  Georgia                                                 Hawaii

Electoral votes: 29                                                           Electoral votes: 16                           Electoral votes: 4

Trump 47%                                                                         Trump 47%                                         Trump 30%

Biden 51%                                                                           Biden 50%                                           Biden 66%

Idaho                                                                                    Illinois                                                  Indiana

Electoral votes: 4                                                              Electoral votes: 20                           Electoral votes: 11

Trump 60%                                                                         Trump 37%                                         Trump 54%

Biden 36%                                                                           Biden 60%                                           Biden 44%

Iowa                                                                                      Kansas                                                  Kentucky

Electoral votes: 6                                                              Electoral votes: 6                              Electoral votes: 8

Trump 49%                                                                         Trump 53%                                         Trump 59%

Biden 49%                                                                           Biden 44%                                           BIDEN 38%

Louisiana                                                                             Maine                                                   Maryland

Electoral votes:8                                                              Electoral votes: 4                              Electoral votes:

Trump 55%                                                                         Trump 42%                                         Trump 32%

Biden 43%                                                                           Biden 55%                                           Biden 66%

Massachusetts                                                                  Michigan                                             Minnesota

Electoral votes: 11                                                           Electoral votes: 16                           Electoral votes: 10

Trump 32%                                                                         Trump 45%                                         Trump 44%

Biden 66%                                                                           Biden 53%                                           Biden 54%

Mississippi                                                                         Missouri                                              Montana

Electoral votes: 6                                                              Electoral votes: 10                           Electoral votes: 3

Trump 55%                                                                         Trump 55%                                         Trump 54%

Biden 43%                                                                           Biden 43%                                           Biden 44%

Nebraska                                                                             Nevada                                                 New Hampshire

Electoral votes: 5                                                              Electoral votes: 6                              Electoral votes:4

Trump 57%                                                                         Trump 44%                                         Trump 43%

Biden 40%                                                                           Biden 54%                                           Biden 54%

New jersey                                                                         New Mexico                                      New York

Electoral votes: 14                                                           Electoral votes: 5                              Electoral votes: 29

Trump 38%                                                                         Trump 41%                                         Trump 34%

Biden 60%                                                                           Biden 56%                                           Biden 64%

North Carolina                                                                  North Dakota                                     Ohio

Electoral votes: 15                                                           Electoral votes: 3                              Electoral votes: 18

Trump 48%                                                                         Trump 61%                                         Trump 49%

Biden 50%                                                                           Biden 35%                                           Biden 49%

Oklahoma                                                                           Oregon                                                 Pennsylvania

Electoral votes: 7                                                              Electoral votes: 7                              Electoral votes: 20

Trump 62%                                                                         Trump 39%                                         Trump 46%

Biden 36%                                                                           Biden 58%                                           Biden 53%

Rhode Island                                                                     South Carolina                                  South Dakota

Electoral votes: 4                                                              Electoral votes: 9                              Electoral votes: 3

Trump 36%                                                                         Trump 53%                                         Trump 59%

Biden 61%                                                                           Biden 46%                                           Biden 38%

Tennessee                                                                          Texas                                                    Utah

Electoral votes:                                                                 Electoral votes: 38                           Electoral votes: 6

Trump 57%                                                                         Trump 49%                                         Trump 51%

Biden 41%                                                                           Biden 49%                                           Biden 42%

Vermont                                                                              Virginia                                                Washington

Electoral votes: 3                                                              Electoral votes: 13                           Electoral votes: 12

Trump 31%                                                                         Trump 43%                                         Trump 37%

Biden 67%                                                                           Biden 55%                                           Biden 60%

West Virginia                                                                    Wisconsin                                           Wyoming

Electoral votes: 5                                                              Electoral votes: 10                          Electoral votes: 3

Trump 65%                                                                         Trump 45%                                         Trump 67%

Biden 33%                                                                           Biden 52%                                           Biden 29%

So, from the above result and stats, you can see who’s in the lead for president 2020. Out of fifty-one states, Joe Biden won in thirty-one states while Donald Trump only won in Twenty states.