Lost Mode iPhone – iPhone Lost Mode | Lock a Device

In terms of helping billions of Apple users find their device, the platform provides different kinds of features in which you can use to navigate the location where your device is. The platform comes in features like mark as Lost, erase your device, play sound, and others. The feature can be accessible both on the Find My iPhone app and also Find My app which is on various respective Apple operating systems. In the meantime, the Lost mode iPhone or Mark as lost allows you to create a special passcode to block every activity like calls, texts, and others.

Lost Mode iPhone - iPhone Lost Mode or Lock a Device

Furthermore, the Lost Mode iPhone is mainly used in Find My iPhone on iCloud.com but in Find My app it’s known as Mark as lost. However, you can turn on the feature on any devices you lost or stolen like iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple and also others. This allows the person with your device not to be able to access your personal information by creating a passcode. In general, the Lost mode iPhone block all activities but the person can still be able to call you directly from the device.

What Happens When You use Lost Mode on iPhone?

Keep in mind, Lost Mode requires a device that actually compatible with the minimum system requirement which is the IOS 6 and above. Once you turn on Find My iPhone or Find My app on the required devices and you then set your device to Lost Mode. These are the things that happen:

  • Firstly, the platform will send a confirmation email to your Apple ID email address.
  • Also, this allows you to flag your device as lost and how they can contact you on the home screen.
  • Displaying alerts or play a sound will no longer be accessible after receiving notification.
  • Other services such as your financial service as well as your Apple Pay is completely disabled.

In addition, whether you’re using the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even Apple Watch will be able to see the exact location of the devices on the map. However, even when the location changes, you can also be able to see that as well.

Turn on Lost Mode or Lock a Device

The procedures in turning on Lost mode iPhone are every simple. First of all, the requirement is that you must have activated the application on your stolen device before it was stolen or lost. With the following steps you can turn on the lost mode iPhone:

  • Go to the Find My iPhone on iCloud.com using the link www.icloud.com/find.
  • Then enter your Apple ID in the middle of the page.
  • Click the option All devices and then choose you decide you want to flag as Lost Mode.
  • Lastly, you can then click Lost Mode or Mark as Lost.

Afterward, you can then follow the remaining instruction by creating a passcode. Also, you can add your family members iPhone if the device doesn’t have a passcode set. In summary, when you have successfully connected your recover devices, you can simply unlock the device by signing into your iCloud again to access the passcode.

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