Lunch Ideas in Nigeria

Lunch Ideas in Nigeria – Nigeria is known to have a lot of fattening foods and dishes.

However, if you live in Nigeria and you would like to eat healthy but do not know what to have, you have come to the right website.

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you some of the best lunch ideas in Nigeria. So, if you would like to learn the best lunch ideas in Nigeria, do not worry because I have got you covered.

Lunch Ideas in Nigeria

Or if you’re looking to spend the weekend or would like to prepare something for work or school, you will be figuring out some amazing foods that are healthy and perfect to be eaten for lunch.

I know that sometimes, choosing the perfect meal to eat can be very difficult because there are a lot of mouth-watering delicacies that can be tempting. But do not worry because I will be helping you through so keep reading.

Lunch Ideas in Nigeria

Now, if you want to eat a nice meal for lunch and you do not know what to have because you want to eat healthy, I have got you covered so do not worry.

So, with the ideas I will share with you below, you will be able to eat a healthy balance lunch that will provide you with the energy you will need to get through the day. Here they are:

  • Beans and Plantain.
  • Jollof Rice.
  • Boiled Yam and Egg Sauce.
  • Eba and Egusi Soup.
  • Rice and Stew.
  • Amala and Ewedu.
  • Spaghetti.
  • Boiled Sweet Potato and Egg Sauce.
  • Pounded Yam and Vegetables.

Beans and Plantain

Packed with protein and other nutrients, Beans and plantain is one of the healthiest lunch ideas in Nigeria. What’s more, it repairs and improves the health of a person without excess calorie intake.

So, when you eat beans and plantain, you are packed with Magnesium, Fiber, Folate, Iron, Potassium, and many more.

Jollof Rice

Second, on this list is Jollof rice. Furthermore, it is Nigerian main food and very popular among the Nigerian lunch ideas you can try.

What’s more, it is tasty but also packed with nutrients like Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Though it is concentrated with carbohydrates, it can boost your mood and improve energy.

Boiled Yam and Egg Sauce

Boiled Yam and Egg Sauce is one lunch idea In Nigeria you definitely have to try out. It is delicious and has the nutrients you need. Besides, Yam which is carbohydrates, and egg which is packed with protein is a balanced meal.

But you can also customize your ingredients and reduce the amount of calories you consume.

Eba and Egusi Soup

This is one of the most popular lunch ideas in Nigeria. Furthermore, it is a delicacy that a lot of people enjoy.

It is referred to as swallow and it is very filling. What’s more, you can choose to eat Eba with any soup of your preference.

Rice and Stew

Rice and stew is one of the popular lunch ideas in Nigeria. Though rice is rich in carbohydrates, you can add some protein and vegetables to the stew to make it more nutritious.

Amala and Ewedu

This is one of the most popular lunch ideas in Nigeria. What’s more, Amala and Ewedu are very popular in the southwestern part of Nigeria. In addition, its calorie count is moderate and it is very satisfying as well. 


Spaghetti is very simple to make which makes it a lunch idea in Nigeria.

Furthermore, it is rich in carbohydrates but if you want to balance the meal, you can pack it with other ingredients like egg, bacon, carrot, vegetables, and many more to make the meal healthier and more balanced.

Boiled Sweet Potato and Egg Sauce

This meal is quite similar to boiled yam and egg sauce but this time around, you will be making use of potatoes.

What’s more, it is rich in vitamins, potassium, fiber, and many others. It is also good for your health and immune system.

Pounded Yam and Vegetables

This is another type of swallow but its preparation method is very different from Eba.

But if you would like to eat Pounded Yam and Vegetables, you need to make sure that you take it in minute quantity because consuming too much increases your calorie intake and I am sure you do not want that.

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