MagSafe – What it is and How it Works

MagSafe is a magnetic technology from apple, it is built into the internal engineering of iPhone 12 models. It was originally designed as a safety feature for MacBook charging cords. Also, it was then included in the iPhone 12 to design a new ecosystem of accessories for simpler attachment and quicker wireless charging.

MagSafe - What it is and How it Works

Mag safe is several magnets put around the iPhone 12s internal charging coil. Which detects other Magsafe-compatible accessories, making it easier for you to be sure of no interference to your phone. Products that are built with Magsafe have the Magsafetechnology from Apple inside them.

In addition, this device is a unique quick attachment for iPhone 12 and it is available in Silicon and leather. You can also get this device at Also, the MagSafe charger is created to charge your iPhone wirelessly and even safely. The system intelligently adjusts to conditions to boost your charging for up to 15W of peak power delivery for quicker wireless charging. In other words, Mag safe is a magnetic technology.

If you have any questions, read through this article as we will be discussing what Magsafe can do.

What Does Apple Mag safe do?

The Magsafe is designed to make your charging faster, and easier wirelessly, includes cases, and makes use of different accessories. Mag Safe systems adjust to any conditions to boost your charging at up to 15W of peak power delivery for speedy wireless charging.

How does it Work?

Firstly, MagSafe was first made just for the purpose of charging Mac Book. But was later incorporated into iPhone 12 to create an ecosystem made easy for accessories attachment and to also create faster wireless charging.  It is quite easy to use, let’s consider below how MagSafe works.

MagSafe is a succession of magnets placed around the internal charging coil of iPhone 12 that senses other MagSafe-compatible accessories. And splits uninterruptedly and well-secured into place. It only gets attached to every other compatible MagSafe accessory. This is to assure you that you don’t really have to worry about every metal in your homes and houses getting attached to your phone.

Using this device to charge your Mac book makes use of a magnet to connect a charger to a charging port on the Mac. This is with the idea that when you pull the Mag safe cable. It will only disconnect safely without having to pull the Mac Book down from wherever it is placed on.

Do I need Magsafe?

Magsafe is often recommended for some people, but if you have other safe charging devices then you can use them. There are other different charging devices you can get in the market. But the Apple Magsafe charger has you covered and rhymes with your budget. The MagSafe charger is one of the best charging devices you can ever think of getting for your iPhone 12 model.

Is Magsafe bad for Battery?

If you are used to charging your iPhone battery with Magsafe constantly, then you should stop using Magsafe as it is bad for the battery’s health. You can rather charge your phone with its charger and at any other time charge your phone with Mag safe. So, if you use to put your iPhone on the Mag safe charging puck overnight. Then the battery will run out before its time.

Why should I get Magsafe Apple chargers and other accessories?

Having this charger allows you to make use of the iPhone 12 features. Also, you can design new experiences at the same time. You even get to charge your iPhone 12 faster and you can rest assured that the perfectly arranged Snap-On attachment gets rid of the worries. Using MagSafe chargers gives you a fast charge experience, this is to say that you would spend less time charging.

Furthermore, aside from the fact that this device is simplified and also enhanced wireless mode of charging. It also gives face motion trackers and power banks. This is done to widen the experience with your iPhone 12 and most of all make life simpler and more precise. Lastly, you might have that your phone might not charge fully if it vibrates with an incoming call.

Which is best? Charging with MagSafe or USB-Cable

Many people had wondered which of this two should be said to be the best way to charge your Mac Book or iPhone 12. Well, let’s take a look at both. While you charge your MagSafe-accepted apple product, let’s say an iPhone 12 from a zero to 50 percent battery level. It takes about an hour to charge. This is equivalent to 2 hours while charging with a normal USB cable charger. We could agreeably conclude that using a MagSafe charger is faster than a USB charger while charging.

Does it work with Case?

The Magsafe is sold in different cases like clear plastic, silicone, and leather. Also sells a leather sleeve with a wrist strap for the iPhone 12 models. You can use this device charger if you have a case that is not created for the Mag safe but the charging would not be efficient.

Can I use MagSafe to Charge my older iPhone?

It is quite possible to use the MagSafe charger to charge your older iPhone. However, charging is a bit slower than the 7.5W Qi-based chargers. This is to say that the charger has been proven to be slower than using a plain old Qi charger.

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