How to Charge your Chromebook Without a Charger

How do I charge my Chromebook without a Charger? We know how annoying it is to have a Chromebook laptop that runs out of battery quickly, especially when you have important work to complete. What’s more, the anger felt when your charger is broken or you are in a situation where you forgot your charger, it’s even more infuriating.

How to Charge your Chromebook Without a Charger

What’s more, you might be in an important meeting or you are on a big vacation and this might be something you need. Well not to worry, as there are easy steps to take to resolve that tiny annoying issue. Luckily, if you use a Chromebook laptop and you face this problem, there are solutions that are available for you. Read through this article till the end.

What Can I Do To Charge My Chromebook?

If you are caught in a situation where you can’t have access to your Chromebook charger or it is broken, then you have no need to worry. If you cannot make use of the original charger. You can always go ahead and use a USB Type- C Cable. This could work in your time of urgent need.

How To Charge Your Chromebook Without A Charger

Now, there are various other ways that you can charge your Chromebook laptop without its charger. If ever caught in that situation, you can always just use a USB Type-C Cable to achieve that goal. However, there are other hacks that you can try to get the same result. Let’s review the steps available to use:

With A USB-C Cable

All you have to do is to:

  • Open your Chromebook laptop and move to Time
  • Next, you click on the Settings option
  • Then, you select the Power option
  • Finally, you select the Power Source option, and now, you can start charging with a Type C charger cord.

With A Power Bank

Another hack that you can try is charging your Chromebook with a Power Bank. This is a useful tool and is something that should be carried everywhere for urgent cases such as this. What’s more, it’s an excellent item to always have with you when you are traveling. Also, there are power banks that are really compatible with your Chromebook.

So, before you purchase a power bank for any reason, ensure that is one that is really compatible with your laptop device. Now, you only have to buy a laptop power bank and suit up for urgencies like this.

With A Car Charger

If you are on the road and you are making use of your Chromebook and this happens, another hack to try out is using your Car charger to charge the laptop device. If you are skeptical about that idea, you only have to remember that cars are also powered by electricity and it is the same for charging up your laptop.

Even better, Chromebooks also come with a vehicle charger in most cases, so you can now charge your laptop even if you are in your car. However, do note that vehicle charger benefit depends on the mode and brand of your laptop.

With A Smartphone

Everyone literally walks around with a smartphone nowadays, including you. If you are faced with a case where you cannot charge your Chromebook because the charger is broken or forgotten, you can now charge your Chromebook with your smartphone. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Simply grab your USB-C charger cord
  • Connect the cable to your phone and then the other end to your Chromebook
  • Once that step is done, you will receive a notification on your smartphone

Now, you will select the supply power to the other device that is connected option and then, your laptop will start charging.

With a Universal Charger

There is another way for you to charge your Chromebook without its charger and using a Universal charger is another tech hack. You can always decide to go on your business trips or vacations with a Universal charger.
Furthermore, a Universal charger always comes with its usual jack and pins and this means that it can charge all types of laptops. This is something that you should be carrying along with you as it is very capable and always comes in handy.

You only have to select the options of jack and pins to charge your Chromebook and you can even use it while charging.

Nothing beats having your original Chromebook laptop with you everywhere you go. But in unforeseen cases where you can’t make use of this, you can always just try any of the tech hacks listed above till you get what you want out of both of them. Also, don’t forget to buy a new Chromebook laptop charger as it is still useful.

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