Most Beautiful States To Visit In Nigeria

Are you in search of the most beautiful and captivating states to visit in Nigeria? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Most Beautiful States To Visit In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed with natural beauty and charm, boasting unique and delightful destinations in every corner. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the splendor of your own nation.

Nigeria is home to numerous breathtaking places, making it a bit challenging to decide which state to visit.

Hence, this article aims to simplify your choice by presenting a curated list of the top 10 most beautiful states in Nigeria. So, I implore you to read through to be enlightened.

Top 10 Most Beautiful States To Visit in Nigeria

There are numerous captivating cities in Nigeria that draw in tourist attractions, and we will guide you through some of them. Listed below are some of the most beautiful states to visit in Nigeria:


Enugu stands out as one of Nigeria’s most beautiful states. Boasting the renowned Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, the city, often referred to as the ‘coal city,’ owes its charm to the enchanting terrain and appealing landscapes.

Cross River State

Cross River is yet another of Nigeria’s most beautiful states, distinguished by notable attractions such as the Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort in its capital, Calabar. Calabar is widely considered the most beautiful city in Cross River.

Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is one of the most beautiful and lovely states in Nigeria. Coming just behind the Cross River, Akwa Ibom has seen its fair share of tourists due to its beauty and its development. The very famous Godswill Akpabio Stadium is found in the state.

Imo State

Imo State is another enchanting destination in Nigeria that you shouldn’t miss. Owerri, its capital, is often hailed as the pride of the East.

The city’s allure lies in its captivating structures, vibrant entertainment, and picturesque landscape illuminated with captivating colors.

Imagine the beauty of the city portrayed through a canvas of mesmerizing scenes.


Abuja is not one of the most beautiful states, but the number one most beautiful and attractive state in Nigeria.

It is regularly known as the federal capital territory of the country. As the location of Nigeria’s policymaking branch, it is more than a state; it is a city.

The city has an astonishing structure and spectacular art that will leave you wanting more.

Lagos State

I will say that Lagos State is the second-most beautiful state we have in Nigeria. This is because of its spectacular landscapes, spectacular road networks, astonishing night lighting systems, and connecting bridges.

Rivers State

Rivers State is also one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. It is known for its astonishing water bodies and turquoise life. Port Harcourt, which is the capital of the state, has a delightful night view, as the city is known for its effervescent nightlife.

While touring the state, you are likely to come across Bonny Island on the southern edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Bonny Nature Park and Finima Beach are among the famous attractions and have become hotspots for tourists.

Kaduna State

Kaduna State is one of the most beautiful states we have in Nigeria. Tourist attractions in this state are the Kaduna Museum, the Matsirga Waterfall, Kajuru Castle, Kamuku National Park, Lugard Foot Bridge, and Nok Village.

You can barely run out of places to visit when you go to Kaduna.

Ondo State

Ondo State is a southwestern state with a rich landscape for agriculture and a beautiful landscape. This state might not be the most beautiful state, but it has surely received its mark.

Its redevelopment and its food markets are part of the beauty of the state, as the state flourishes to be the food basket of the nation.

Delta State

Delta State is among the most beautiful states we have in Nigeria. It is an oil-rich state situated in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. This beautiful state is recognized for its good road networks, particularly in Asaba, which is its capital city, and Warri, its economic hub.

In conclusion, every Nigerian state holds its own unique beauty and is worthy of exploration. However, for those seeking the most captivating destinations, we have compiled a list of the top ten states in Nigeria.

This should make it easier for you to choose your ideal destination when planning a vacation with family or friends.

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