Reasons To Use Flutter For Your App Development

Flutter is quickly getting the recognition it needs as a development kit that provides and shares possibilities with millions of users. It was creatively designed to modify the process of app development. As an app developer, you can make use of this app for your app development. You can read through this article for reasons why you should use Flutter For your App Development.

Reasons To Use Flutter For Your App Development

Meanwhile, Flutter is a cross-platform app developing toolkit that was created by Google in the year 2018. Despite the short gap from 2018 to 2022, it has amassed several positive reactions and curiosity from large companies and organizations based on their needs. Moreover, Flutter was designed to help, build, test, and create the best desktop, mobile web, and apps all from a single codebase. This framework has attracted the attention of organizations, companies, and individuals with different needs.

Its ability to create the best services for designing webs, mobile apps, and more, solves the need of these bodies. In addition to its greatness, it was used by over 500k developers every month just 2 years after it had launched. Today, it is used by millions of people for its app-developing core work and the great results it provides. Keep reading through this article for more reasons why you need to make use of this app.

Is Flutter A Good Choice For App Development?

Amongst its competitors, it undeniably stands out the most. This simply means that Flutter is indeed a good choice when it concerns cross-platform development. If you are looking for the best way and place to get your websites and mobile app, Flutter is one good choice to look out for.  

What Is Flutter Used For?

Firstly, Flutter is famously known for its astounding creation and development of apps and many more features. It is highly substantial in the development of apps for iOS or Android devices and all without the hassle of extreme coding. Working with Flutter is the best to guarantee the birth of structural apps without having to write different codebases for each platform.

Furthermore, when Flutter is used to create smartphone versions of apps, they are done respectively and function of standard apps. As noted before, it is also used to create web apps for browsers. Also, it is used to create programs for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

What Apps Have Flutter Developed?

Meanwhile, here are some of the apps that were created using Flutter:


Lunching is an app that can be used to order food from anywhere you wish. And like it was designed, it can be done using just your smartphone. Creating this app is simply following the trend as food apps are the popular trend in getting meals now. With the app, users can easily make payments in bulk and even in installments.


Cryptography is an app built to track and monitor all 1600 global cryptocurrencies and more. It was designed by Flutter and monitors a lot of cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.  Also, the cryptograph app is used by smartphone users and helps provide people with the accurate information they need. For instance, they brought to speed the historical market movement of the cryptocurrency they chose.


Also, Watermaniac is an app that was designed by Flutter to help its daily users track and monitor their water usage. With the help of the app developing toolkit, users are now able to regulate their usage of water, create recurring targets, keep track of their daily water consumption, and more. All the ease and stress-free reminder are due to the amazing work by Flutter.

Google AdWords

This is an app that is used to help manage all Google Adwords campaigns with just your smartphone. This is just another app built by Flutter and is used to track your ad output from anywhere as long as you have your device.

Along with these apps, Flutter has also done amazing work with many more commercial apps. Some of these commercial apps are top leading apps like Alibaba, Yandex, Capital One, eBay, Sonos, Emaar, Groupon, Google, Tencent, and many more. Check out the next outline for reasons why you need to make use of Flutter for your App Development.

Reasons To Use Flutter For Your App Development

This section will tell you vital details on why using Flutter is the best for developing your app. There are tons of benefits when you use Flutter for your app development, either for your small or large business. Being a cross-platform app developer, it possesses many features that pose an advantage to its users. Here are some reasons why you should use Flutter for your next application development:

It has a hot reload feature

The hot reload feature that Flutter possesses only makes it easier for the development of the app to run quicker. In addition to this, you don’t have to reload the app every time to see every change that you make in the code. This prompts fast testing on the app as you can just experiment with the code, fix bugs, and make changes.

Developers are always available

Flutter has over 2 million programmers and this makes building your app very easy. The reason is that all these developers are always available to help you. If you train people, it is a very simple language and this makes it easy for everyone to understand.

Pre-Built Widgets

Flutter has its own based widgets that assist in the easy production of apps and websites. With its widgets, you no longer need to write all the pieces of code from the scratch. All of these features make the process of coding faster.

It has a flexible User-interface

With Flutter, you can be sure that a great User interface will be created for your iOS and your Android. With all the UI features and pre-built widgets, you can design great animations and motions. These designs will help take your user’s interface to the next level and make the apps more attractive.

It is a cross-platform framework

This alone is one of the biggest advantages as it reduces the need to develop two separate apps. With the framework Flutter offers, you only have to use a single code for an Android and iOS application. Hence, it converts into a smaller body to build a product and save costs.

Graphic library

Flutter makes use of the well-known Shia Graphic library which is famous for all its open-source graphics. Furthermore, every time it redraws the UI, a view will instantly change and provides a smooth, loading app.

Along with all these, Flutter delivers 60fps and is budget-friendly. All of these and more are the advantages that Flutter possesses that make it one of the leading app developers. So, if you are looking for the best place to get the best experience for app development, choose Flutter.

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