Rhodes scholarship – How to Apply for Rhodes Scholarship Online

How do I apply for a Rhodes scholarship or what are the benefits and criteria for the Scholarship? In the meantime, studying at the University of Oxford which stands to be one of the prestigious universities in England offers tons of Programmes and courses students can enroll for. However, if you don’t have enough funds to study at the University of Oxford, you can apply for a Rhodes scholarship. This Scholarship is designed for international students who want to complete their postgraduate education at the University of Oxford.

Rhodes scholarship - How to Apply for  Rhodes Scholarship Online

Founded in 1903, the Rhodes scholarship is one of the oldest graduate scholarship programs in the world. Again, Based on our research, this program is one of the most prestigious international scholarship initiatives in the world and was founded by Cecil John Rhodes. The main goal of the Rhodes scholarship is to build a strong unity among English-speaking nation as well as empowers students who want to further their postgraduate education at the University of Oxford. At inception, this program was restricted to only male applicants from countries under the commonwealth nations. But today, you can apply for a Rhodes scholarship irrespective of your gender, background, or country. However, you must meet the necessary criteria.

Eligibility and requirements for Scholarship

The Rhodes scholarship eligibility criteria and requirements vary with country. Meanwhile, to be sure about your country’s eligibility, then you have to visit the official Rhodes website and check if you are eligible to apply. Here are the general eligibility criteria for the program.

  • You must be a citizen  in one of  the Countries that the Rhodes  scholarship is available in
  • You must be a resident of that country for  at least 10 years
  • You must be between the ages of 18-25 years.
  • Applicant must have finished  an undergraduate degree or a Bachelor’s degree in any field of  study
  • Applicant  must be proficient in the English language

Ensure you meet the Eligibility criteria of your Country before you apply for a Scholarship. Also, to check the eligibility of your Country specifically visit the Eligibility Criteria portal and enter your Country. You would have to answer some questions to check for your eligibility.

Documents Requirement for Rhodes Online Application 2022

  • Scans of Identification photograph
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Rhodes personal statement (essay)
  • Photograph
  • Endorsement and  reference letter  which must contain endorser and referee contact details
  • Certificate of  Legal permanent residency

What does the Rhodes scholarship cover?

  • Complete Oxford University Tuition fee
  • Annual stipends
  • Living Expenses
  • Medical Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Visa Cost

How to apply for a Rhodes scholarship

Meanwhile, you can only apply for a Rhodes scholarship online. The application process is pretty easy and very convenient. Therefore, once you meet the eligibility criteria, then you should go ahead and fill the Rhodes online application form. Keep in mind that the Rhodes scholarship application for 2022 is out.

  • Ensure you are using a secured browser
  • Register for an account to start your application process
  • Go to https://rhodes.embark.com/apply/ to register for an account
  • Go to the official Rhodes Application portal
  • Next, scroll down and Select Apply Now
  • Login to your account with your Login details
  • Next, fill out the online application form
  • Ensure you fill the online application form correctly
  • Then click on Save and Next
  • Upload  all the additional documents required
  • Finally, click on submit an application.

Also, make sure you fill out the online application correctly and review your application again to confirm before you submit it. Afterward, read out the terms and conditions to ensure that you understand them very well. Once your application is approved and you would have to be present for the final interview.

When is the Rhodes scholarship Application 2022?

Keep in mind that the scholarship application for 2022 is set to commence on the 1st of June 2022 and the closing date for the application is on the 15th of September 2022.

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