Visa Sponsorship – USA Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

Are you searching for a job in the U.S. that offers Visa sponsorship? Not to worry because in this guide I will tell you about it. In the United State, some employers are willing to offer jobs to non-residents through visa sponsorships which allows foreigners to travel to the US to live in the country and work there only for a definite amount of time.

Visa Sponsorship - USA Jobs With Visa Sponsorship
Visa Sponsorship – USA Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

Furthermore, moving to another country requires accurate planning which includes accommodation, and most importantly a job. On the occasion that you are relocating to the U.S., you will have to find a job and an employer who is willing to employ a foreigner for the specific job profile. For a non-resident to obtain an employment-based visa to work in the US, an employer will have to petition the US government for a visa on the behalf of the non-resident and sponsor the travel expenses to the US. There are some important requirements that the employer has to meet, as part of the process for the visa sponsorship. the employer needs to assure the government that:

  • The organization needs this specific worker to occupy the job position
  • The job cannot be occupied by a US indigene
  • The employer needs to provide a valid reason why the particular employee must travel to the US

Once you are allowed into the US, the employer must carry on to sponsor your visa status by preserving your employment with them. However, If the company goes out of business, the work visa will be revoked. The same applies if the non-resident employee quit the job.

Jobs with US Visa Sponsorship

There are a couple of employers in the US who are willing to offer jobs to non-residents through visa sponsorships. The employers are responsible for the travel expenses of the foreigner to the United States. Below is a list of jobs in the US with visa sponsorship:

  • Receiving clerk
  • Pool attendant
  • Machine operator
  • Financial services rep.
  • Production operator
  • Transitional age youth services specialist
  • Administrative assistant, global talent
  • Housekeeping supervisor
  • Laundry attendant
  • Montessori junior teacher
  • Visa specialist
  • Security officer
  • Fraud investigator
  • Customer service advisor
  • Gift processing assistant
  • Conference services manager
  • Greenhouse research assistant
  • Front desk supervisor
  • Undergraduate advisor
  • Banquet manager
  • Assistant guest service manager
  • Human resources recruitment specialist
  • PBX operator
  • Consumer Banker 1/Teller
  • International recruiter
  • Strategic administration officer
  • Group sales manager

Furthermore, you can go online to search for available job offers with visa sponsorship that you are eligible for.

How to Get A Sponsor Letter For US Visa

As stated earlier, for an individual to get a sponsorship for an employment-based visa, you need a job offer from a US employer. The employer will have to send you a contract to sign which will be a part of the sponsorship document. In most cases, the department of labor asks for labor certification, the employer has to prove to the US government why couldn’t hire a US employee but result in hiring a foreign worker.

Once you have received the certification, the employer will submit the petition. The petition includes all the important contracts, qualifications of the employee, documents, and itineraries. The petition is submitted to USCIS. The employers will have to submit Form I-129, a petition for non-immigrant workers for non-resident workers. Similarly, the employer submits Form I-140, an immigrant petition for ann alien workers for immigrant visas.


The instructions as well as the petition are available on the USCIS website. The employer has to follow the prompt on the page to complete the petition. Most employers hire a legal advisor to complete the application process because mistakes can be made during the process and these mistakes can hinder the visa processing. As soon as USCIS acquire the petition and the other important document they begin the processing for the visa. The queue can be long because there are many petitions. In most cases, employers could wait for months or even a year for USCIS to get back to them.

Once USCIS makes a decision they will inform the employer and the employee. As soon as the USCIS approves the petition, the notice will be positive and they will state the next step both the employer and the employee must take to obtain the actual visa. They begin the application process depending on the type of visa they want. And this application is done at the US embassy in the employee’s country.

If USCIS denies the petition they will inform the employer and state the reason for denying the petition. Sometimes the petition is denied because there wasn’t enough documentation or the worker was not qualified enough.

What is the Requirement For A US Job With Visa Sponsorship?

Before registering for employment-based visa sponsorship, the sponsor needs to provide the petition along with some important documents to USCIS. Some of the documents required are:

  • Employers name
  • Business address
  • Company’s contact information
  • Employer’s FEIN
  • Employer’s lawyer’s contact information

The employee will have to provide information such as:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Home country and where the employee maintains citizenship
  • Passport number
  • Gender
  • Educational information

Additionally, employers need to avoid late filing issues by submitting the petition before the USCIS issued to date. They would consider your petition if you submitted it ahead of the expected date.

How Much Does US Work Sponsor Visa Cost?

The cost of an employment-based visa sponsorship does not come cheap. Especially for the employer who is required to pay most of the fees. There are a couple of employment visa costs and fees that the employer needs to cover as part of the employment-based visa sponsorship application. The rest of the fees are paid by the employee. Employment-based visa can cost a few thousand dollars to sponsor a foreign employee. The exact fee depends on the visa type. Some of the common fees are:

  • Registration fee: cost $10
  • Standard fee: the standard fee for an employment-based filing fee is $460 for the I-129 petition for the non-immigrant workers. And $700 for form I- 140
  • American competitiveness and workforce improvement act of 1998 (ACWIA): the fees differ depending on the size of the company sponsoring the employee. Companies with 25 employees pay $750 while the companies with a larger number of employees pay $1,1500.
  • Fraud prevention and detection fee: the fess is $500 and it applies to new employment-based visa sponsorship petitioners or those who want to change their employers.
  • Public law 114-113 fee: companies with more than 50 employees pay where over 50% of them are foreign pay this fee. The fee is about $4000 and it is paid by the employer.

There are other options to consider if your employment-based visa sponsorship is denied. you might want to consider other visa options such as an L-1 visa. This type of visa enables the US-based employer to transfer personnel within the offices.

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