Turkey Scholarship 2022 – How to Apply for a Turkish Scholarship

Do you want to study in turkey? Looking for an open turkey scholarship? Well, you have found the best article online. In this write-up, I will tell you about the scholarships available in turkey.  Scholarships are granted by the Turkish government to international students. Nonetheless, the scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation fees, health insurance, travel expenses, and living stipends. Turkey scholarship program is for undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. studies.

Furthermore, Studying in a foreign country allows you to explore different cultures and traditions. You also get to learn a new language while at it. The Turkish government offers a fully-funded scholarship to international students. However, the scholarship is also known as Türkiye Burslari and it is for international students who want to study at an Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. level for free in Turkish universities. The scholarship application will commence in December 2022 open to students all around the globe. This is a great opportunity for students dent to study in the top-tier universities in Turkey.

Turkey has granted students from all around the globe the opportunity to study in their universities. Furthering your education in turkey will help you grow your skills, knowledge, ideas, and insight into the course you want to enroll in. international students who wish to fund their studies in the master’s, Ph.D., or doctoral degree programs can apply for a fully-funded scholarship offered by the Turkish government.

Meanwhile, Turkey set up this scholarship program to build and maintain a relationship with foreign countries. Turkey has set aside some rewards for some of the outstanding students. There is a different policy for these outstanding students which includes the opportunity to study at the top universities in Turkey on a transfer basis.

Turkey Burslari Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship offered by the Turkish government benefits its students with a wide range of perks to attract geniuses to Turkish universities. I have listed some of the perks that international students:

  • There is no accommodation charge for international students in Turkish universities. However, the accommodation fee is covered by the Turkey scholarship. Meanwhile, Students who live in the university’s dorm are not charged for that. In case the student wishes to move out of the dorm, they are to pay for the accommodation by themselves.
  • Students don’t pay tuition fees: the Turkey scholarship covers the full tuition for the students, giving them enough time to focus on their studies without having to worry about getting a side job to pay for their fees
  • The Turkey scholarship covers health insurance: students who get accepted for the Turkey Burslari scholarship don’t have to worry about medical fees. Nevertheless, this is because their health expenses are covered by the health insurance that comes with the fully-funded scholarship
  • Travel expenses: the scholarship program pays for the travel expenses for the international student who qualifies for the scholarship program. Students get two tickets- one for their arrival in the country and the other one for their departure from the country after completing their studies. Also, they will give the whole amount to the students. This is in case they buy the ticket on their own.

Turkey Burslari Scholarship Eligibility

To qualify for a Turkey fully-funded scholarship you need to find out if you are eligible. There are some criteria applicants must follow before they can qualify for the scholarship program.

  • Citizens of all countries are qualified for the Turkey Burslari scholarship
  • You must complete your high school academic year
  • You must be under the age of 21 for undergraduate programs
  • Also, you must be under the age of 30 for the Master’s program
  • You must be under the age of 35 for the Doctorate program
  • Bachelor’s degree, they must have an average academic achievement of 70%
  • For students applying for Master’s and Doctorate, they must have an average academic achievement of 75%
  • For students applying for Health-related courses, they must have an average academic achievement of 90%

The document required for the Turkey Burslari scholarship

  • A valid passport or national ID document
  • You must provide a recent photo of yourself
  • National exam score
  • Proof of temporary certificate of graduation
  • Provide an academic transcript
  • International exam score 
  • English language proficiency certificate
  • Provide a research proposal (for students applying for Ph.D.)

How to Apply?

Nevertheless, Students can apply online for the Turkey scholarship. Once you have all the necessary documents required you can go online and complete your Turkey scholarship application. Also, Applicants need to create an account in the Turkey scholarship program. Nonetheless, once you are on the homepage, open the Turkish scholarship position. You will find the Master’s, Undergraduate, Ph.D., and research. Click on the tab you want to apply for and follow the instructions. Lastly, fill in your personal information and submit your profile as an application for the scholarship.

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