Rutherford Scholarship – How To Apply

Are you passionate about academic excellence and aspire to pursue post-secondary studies? If so, the Rutherford Scholarship might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Rutherford Scholarship - How To Apply

Designed to recognize and reward the academic achievements of senior school students, this scholarship opens doors to higher education by eliminating financial barriers.

Named in honor of Alexander Rutherford, a champion of public education with strong ties to the University of Alberta, the scholarship pays tribute to his enduring legacy.

Rutherford’s illustrious career as Alberta’s first premier and Minister of Education underscores his unwavering commitment to community service.

But what exactly does the Rutherford Scholarship entail? Keep reading to uncover all the essential details about this esteemed program.

Rutherford Scholarship Overview

The Rutherford Scholarship, available in Canada, is awarded to outstanding high school students in Alberta who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement in their final year.

This scholarship is open to students enrolled in post-secondary institutions who have maintained an average of 80% in five distinct subjects throughout grades 10, 11, and 12. Recipients of this scholarship receive financial assistance, with a maximum award of $2500.

Overall, the Rutherford Scholarship stands as a remarkable program celebrating academic excellence among Alberta’s high school students while also providing invaluable financial support as they pursue their educational goals.

Eligibility Criteria For Rutherford Scholarship

To qualify for the Rutherford scholarship, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • Being a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or eligible under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  • Residing in Alberta for at least 12 months prior to starting a program of study, with parents or legal guardians also maintaining permanent residence for a year.
  • Completing high school on or after September 30th, 1980, to be eligible for an application.
  • Enrolling as a full-time student with a full course load.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the Rutherford Scholarship is a one-time award.

How To Apply

If you’re unsure about how to apply for Rutherford scholarship programs, don’t worry; the application process is straightforward.

You can apply for the Rutherford scholarship program as soon as your official high school transcript marks are available and once you have enrolled full-time in post-secondary studies. However, requirements may vary.

To submit your application or to seek further information, visit their website directly via

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Core Subjects For Rutherford Scholarship?

The primary subjects considered for this scholarship program include English, mathematics, social studies, and science.

However, eligibility and selection are determined based on the student’s average performance in these core subjects throughout and following their final year of high school.

If I Need To Make Changes To The Original Application I Submitted, How Do I Go About It?

Candidates who wish to make changes to the initial application submitted should notify Alberta Student Aid about the specific change they intend to make.

Such changes could be a change in choice of institution, a change of address, or delaying post-secondary study.

Can I Apply Using A Temporary Social Insurance Number (999 xxx xxx)?

No, this requirement does not apply. Candidates must possess a certified Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) before proceeding with the application for Rutherford scholarship programs.

Can I Still Apply Even If I Am Unsure Of Meeting The Required Average?

Sure, you can still apply. The scholarship provider conducts an assessment of your academic average for all three grades. Who knows, you may qualify for Grade 10, Grade 11, or Grade 12.

Is It Possible Re-take A Course To Have My Scholarship Re-assessed?

Yes, the Rutherford scholarship allows students to retake and rewrite a particular course, provided it is completed before commencing post-secondary studies and before undertaking a higher-level course.

However, it’s important for students to submit any revised marks or courses to Alberta Education for record-keeping purposes.

Can I Use Green Certificates Courses To Apply For Rutherford Scholarships?

Yes, candidates can use green certificate courses, as this is accepted as an option for Grade 12. Generally, the green certificate program consists of 21 courses and enables students who are in Grades 10, 11, or 12 to take an active part in an agriculture-related apprenticeship.

Is The Rutherford Scholarship Renewable?

No, the Rutherford scholarship program is usually a one-time award and, as such, cannot be renewed. Nonetheless, students may be eligible for other scholarships and financial aid during their subsequent years of study.

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