Security Guard Jobs In the USA For Foreigners

Are you a foreigner? Skilled to work as a Security Guard in the USA? Then you need to know that there are Security Guard Jobs In the USA For Foreigners. The USA is providing opportunities for foreigners to work legally in the USA.

Security Guards are highly needed in the USA and foreigners have the opportunity to apply for Security Guard Jobs. Furthermore, there are so many companies, houses, firms, and industries that need security guards.

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You will be in charge of safeguarding and protecting a building. However, companies do not just hire people who claim to be security guards. You need to have the skills and the experience. Also, you need to be able to take responsibility for all of your actions.

As a foreigner, the security guard job is a good opportunity. Besides, The USA is an amazing place to work. They provide foreigners with convenience and give them a comfortable working space.

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How Much Does A Security Guard Earn In The USA?

According to a report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics which was updated in May 2019, the hourly pay of a security guard in the United States of America is between $10.17-$24.19. Per annum, foreign security guards earn between $21,150 to $50,310.

Why Should I Work As A Security Guard In The USA?

Firstly, working in the USA or any country different from yours could expose you to what it is like doing that job you like outside your home time. Furthermore, you will be earning something nice monthly. Which would enable you to be able to cover your cost of living in the United States of America as a foreigner.

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Protection is also very important. There are criminals with ulterior motives that might want to steal and destroy the properties of citizens. This is why companies are looking for highly motivated foreigners who can take up the responsibility of protecting residents in the country.

Foreigners from different parts of the world have the opportunity to dedicate their time to the protection of the lives and properties of residents of the United States of America.

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Security Guard Jobs In the USA For Foreigners

Am I Eligible To Work In The USA As a Foreigner?

To be considered by a hirer in the USA,  you need to be qualified. Experience is one of the factors that determine if a foreigner is fit to be a security guard in the United States of America. However, if you are applying for a Security Guard job, you will see the requirements needed for your application.

But some of the requirements include; you need to be an international candidate, and you also need to be at least 18 years of age. Also. your high school diploma is also needed.  Lastly, you must have experience in the field. With all these, you can apply for a position and start working in the USA today.

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Security Guard Jobs In the USA For Foreigners

Working as Security Guard in the USA is a great opportunity. Moreover, since they are in high demand, you can earn a lot by migrating to the USA as a foreigner to apply for the job. However, you have to be eligible and qualified to take up any of these security guard jobs in the USA. Some of these jobs include:

  • Guard.
  • Night Patrol Officer.
  • Security Guard.
  • Security Officer.
  • Resident Services Staff.
  • Unarmed Security Guard.
  • Security Analyst.
  • Campus Security Monitor.
  • Resident Security Officer.
  • Security Generalist.
  • Campus Security Manager.
  • Security Representative.
  • Event Security Guard.
  • Security Operations Center Analyst.
  • Gate Security Guard.
  • Terminal Security Officer.
  • Safety & Security Officer.
  • Hotel Security Guard.
  • Security Lobby Receptionist.
  • Nuclear Security Officer.
  • Temporary Security Guard.
  • Venue Site Security Guard.
  • Cash Transport Guard.
  • Turret Guard.
  • Security Patrol Driver.
  • Executive Protection Agent.

And many more. You can apply for a job in any of these companies in the USA, and if you fit the position, you will be given the job. You can finally use your skills and experience to take care of whatever is in your protection and custody.

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