Solarmovie – Watch Free Movies Online | is a web portal just for movies like,, just to name a few. This is a web portal strictly for movies in HD quality.Users always get access to all their favorite movies and even newly realized movies on web portal. This is a web portal where users can get lots of action, Adventure, comedy, Drama, and lots more. There thousands of movies up on solarmovie web portal.

Solarmovie - Watch Free Movies Online |

In the meantime, Solarmovies is one the highly rating free movies streaming website where you can watch any type of movies or tv series you want to for free. Most interestingly, if you want to watch movies or tv series offline, you can choose the Solarmovies download icon to download movies to watch on your respect streaming devices. However, streaming movies on Solarmovie is free where you’re required not to pay to download movies or tv series or register to the platform to access thousands of movies and tv series on the website. web platform

This is a web platform where users can get access to watch thousands of movies for free. This portal doesn’t support software or app download it’s strictly for streaming movies. There are lots of interesting section on solarmovie portal such as.

  • Genre.
  • Country.
  • Tv Series.
  • Top IMDB.
  • Request.

These are the various menu that helps users to easily navigate around the web portal. Lets take a look at each menu and how users can access their favorite movie on solarmovie web portal.

What’s on  Solarmovie Menu Category

Genre: this is the first category after Home. This menu category holds all the movie in order of the movie content. This is genre category such as action movies, biography, crime, horror, romance, adventure, and lots more.

Country: these are various movie based on their country. This menu allows a user to easily get access to movies based on the country of interest like for instance i want to see all American movies all I need to do is click on country and click on United States.

On there are thirteen different countries such as Asia, France, Taiwan, United States, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Euro ,India, Korea, and United Kingdom this are the various countries that you can find their movie on this portal.

A user can also watch his or her favorite tv series for free on this portal. This is when they click on the tv series section on this portal. There is also a section for top rated IMDb movies where users can get all top movies on IMDb.

Watch movies online on solarmovie web portal

This is a streaming web platform where users can watch their favorite movies online. This helps to save storage space on user’s device. You really don’t need to download the movie. This is a streaming web platform where users can watch their favorite movies online. This helps to save storage space on user’s device.

You really don’t need to download the movie you can click on the playback icon to start watching the movie online. Note that there is no download section where users can click on to download a movies. In other words, solarmovie doesn’t support downloading of movies.

Solarmovie sign up | register an account

There is a login and a sign up section on this portal for users who want to make full use of this platform. Let me take you through the sign up process on how you can create an account on solarmovie web portal.

  1. Launch web browser and enter the url as in the address bar on your browser.
  2. Click on the login icon at the top right section of your browser and click on not a member join now just below the pop-up box.
  3. Enter your account information such as full name, username, email, and password.
  4. Click on register icon after you have successfully entered all your information’s.

This is how easy it is to create an account on solarmovie web portal. Creating an account gives you access to favorite a movie and add them to your movie list. A user can also comment on a movie and get notifications on updates when he or she sign up for an account.

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