Spotify Premium – How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost

To be a member on Spotify platform, you will need to sign up for an account with either your email address or your Facebook account. After that stage, you will be asked to choose between the two plans Spotify offers. Spotify web offers two packages, they are; Spotify free trial (Ad-supported Plan) and Spotify Premium. There are a lot of differences between these two plans Spotify web offers. On the Spotify free, there is no commitment, no monthly charges, it is ad-supported.

Spotify Premium - How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost

The two Spotify plans can be accessed on Mobile phone, laptop and PC. But you can only enjoy the full service of the Platform when you subscribe for the Spotify Premium subscription. Subscribing to Spotify Premium as a new member is an effective way of getting rid of annoying ads. There is more to the paid premium version than you might expect. Here are the benefits it offers;

Benefits of Subscribing for a Premium Account

There are lot of benefits subscribers on the Spotify premium gets that they can’t have access to on the Spotify free. I’ll list out some benefits on the premium that your account will be given access to;

  1. Access to over 50 million songs.
  2. Access to podcasts and audio books.
  3. Unlimited access to your music when you travel abroad.
  4. No ads interruptions.
  5. Listen to songs without an internet connection.
  6. Best music quality.
  7. Unlimited skipping while listening to music.

How much Does Spotify Premium Cost

The Spotify Premium plan cost nothing more than $9.99 per month in the US, €9.99 in Europe and £9.99 per month in UK. There is no slash down price when paying bi-yearly or yearly. You can as well save some money if you decide to go for the Spotify Premium Family plan. It costs $14.99 per month for 6 separate Premium accounts that can be used by Family members living under one roof. With a premium account you can listen to as many music as possible and you will not get a single ad interruption. You can also listen to music of any track, album, artist or playlist you like at any time. Using any order with unlimited skips using either the Mobile app or Desktop web.

One of the special features of the Spotify Premium account is that you can download any music for offline listening in both your mobile and desktop. This really helps if you want to save your mobile data or if you are not connected to the internet. With Premium, you can listen to music at a quality of 320kbps which is for most people, completely the same from CD quality audio.

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