Super Mario Party – Nintendo Super Mario Party Review

Are you looking for a family-friendly game with a great title? Well, the Super Mario Party is a fun field title game. This game is a great title from the Mario Party series. Additionally, the Mario Party series includes Mario party 1-Mario party 9, Mario Party 11, and Mario Party 10. It also includes Superstar Mario party, Mario party in the top 100, and more in the Nintendo famous list of games.

Super Mario Party - Nintendo Super Mario Party Review

If you are a game lover then the game is set to elate your mood. Super Mario Party is fun and it has a great list of mini-games. As the name implies, it is a party video game that was built by NDcube. It is also published by Nintendo. Games from Nintendo are usually excellent and beyond human expectations. Also, the video game was published by Nintendo and added to the list of game titles on the Nintendo switch.

Overview of Super Mario party

Unarguably, the Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch purpose is to capture the heart of video game lovers. Many reviews from gamers have been coming in and video game lovers are really getting all the vibe from the game. Also, the game is the eleventh series of the Mario Party.

Meanwhile, this game was released in 2018 and it was revitalizing previous titles and the introduction of new elements with it. Super Mario Party features a single-player mode and also a multiplayer mode. It became the best-selling Mario Party series with 16.48 million units sold.

More so, it is an ideal game to play with families and friends. You can also play it online in the board game mode plus many mini-games. The game allows you to compete with opponents. From pedaling tricycles to flipping meats, you will use the Joy-Con Controllers to find your way across the game. It also features Characters from the Mario Party series plus new characters that have been added.

List Of Characters

In the history of the Mario Party series, SuperMario Party features the largest playable characters. It features both the returning characters plus new characters.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Daisy
  • Rosalina
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Donkey
  • Kong
  • Koopa
  • Troopa
  • Hammer Bro
  • Shy Guy
  • Boo
  • BowserJr
  • Dry Bones
  • Diddy Kong
  • Pom Pom
  • Goomba

Super Mario Party Pricing And Availability

The Super Mario Party is available for purchase on And it is available in stock now. The video game is very affordable and available for $59.99 and you can purchase it digitally.

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