The Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

Nigeria is a fascinating country in West Africa with the occupancy of several individuals from diverse cohorts and tongues. The country is also enriched with 36 states and with beautiful cities in each of them. In this blog post, we will be looking at the most beautiful city in Nigeria and where those cities are located. These cities’ ratings will be based on our research and also on factual locations.

The Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

Going further, you may also want to check out these cities on your next tour trip. For each of these cities that we will mention, we will also mention tourism centers in them. In addition, please these cities have been listed randomly and not in any particular order. For the record, almost every state in Nigeria has beautiful cities in them.  These cities will include;

Enugu Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

Widely known as ‘coal city’ for its several mining activities is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Enugu City is one of the oldest urban cities in Nigeria and was the first eastern Nigeria capital in the 1960s. As a city, Enugu has lots of lovers who love it for its numerous tourism centers. The most notable tourist destinations will include the famous Nmanwu festival and also the Awhum waterfall. Almost all vloggers in Nigeria have paid a visit to these places.

Ibadan Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

The city of Ibadan which you can also call the ‘ancient city’ and is the capital of the Oyo State in Nigeria. Ibadan is located in the southwest part of Nigeria. Oyo state is a city that is dominated by several commercial and industrial activities. To start with, do you know that the very first university in Nigeria was erected in Ibadan? Yes! The University of Ibadan is the very first university in Nigeria. In addition, the very first Teaching hospital in the whole of Africa also emerged from this city. You can also visit this university to find out more about this fact.


If you are wondering if people can actually love a city for its kind of weather. Then I want to inform you that lots of people love this very city because of its unique weather and several other natural edifices. If you plan on taking a tour to just, you may just want to try the southern part of Jos. Lots of people who have made it to the city have testified to the accommodating attitude of the southern part of Jos. Another interesting part of Jos is the fact that living over there is very much affordable.

In Jos, you will get to see at least two museums, a wildlife park, a game reserve, and it fascinating waterfall.

Port Harcourt

There is really no way that one can mention the most beautiful cities in Nigeria without mentioning the beautiful city of Port Harcourt. PH city you can also call the ‘center of black jewel’ which simply means oil. Port Harcourt is located on the south side of Nigeria and is also the capital city of Rivers State. Sites like Bony Island, Boro Park, Ifoko Beach, etc. are all beautiful sites for tourism.

Kano Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

Kano is one of the largest cities in Nigeria with several site attractions in it. The city is also the pride of most northern citizens and also an ancient city in Nigeria.  Kano boasts an international airport in its city. Some of the attraction centers in Kano include Bagauda Late, Tiga Lake Resort, Gidan Makama Museum, and Kofar Mata Dyeing among several others. Durbar festival is one of the major celebrated annual festivals in Kano, this event is usually hosted by the Emir of Kano.


One phrase every Nigerian citizen has come to accept is the saying that says ‘Warri no dey carry last’. Whenever you hear this, you better know that ‘an area is present’. Anyways, as one of the biggest cities in Nigeria, Warri also falls into one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Thanks to attraction centers like the Palace of the Olu of Warri, Koko Red Mangrove, swamp, and several beaches and resorts.

Lagos Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

I would have listed Lagos as Number One but didn’t, because this is not a competition list and also every city in Nigeria has a uniqueness that helps them stand out. However, Lagos is definitely among the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. As a mega city in Nigeria, Lagos was the first capital territory of the Nigeria Federal Republic.

In addition, Lagos has a wide range of site attractions which will include nightlife that’s busy as its day. With its local and international markets, Lagos is also a good site for transactional chances with lots of profits. Lagos is also beautified with a coastline and several economic industries.

The list above is a few to several beautiful cities in Nigeria. Places like the Aba international market is a place where when you visit you will realize a lot about how God has blessed the Nation of Nigeria with lots of creatives. You can take a tour of any of these cities too and do have a good time in each of them.

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