Valentine’s Week – Valentine Week Calendar and Events

February 14th is a day that has been globally set aside for the world’s Saint Valentine’s Day. This is a day that is wholly dedicated to the affairs of love that exist between couples and partners.  However, before February 14th, the celebration would have started to last for a week. Valentine’s week often starts on February 7th and till February 14th (the deal day).

Valentine's Week - Valentine Week Calendar and Events

Furthermore, each of these days of Valentine’s week often has a role or name attached to them and for each of these days, lovers are expected to carry out every task of the day if they are well-to-do. Meanwhile, these days and their roles are as follow;

  • February 7th is a day of Rose
  • February 8th is dedicated to proposals
  • February 9th is chocolate day
  • February 10th is teddy day
  • February 11th is promise day
  • February 12th is a huge day
  • February 13th is dedicated to kissing
  • February 14th is the deal day. It’s Valentine’s Day

Now for each of these days, this is how to carry out the roles and who the roles are meant for below.

Valentine Week Calendar and Events

Rose Day

Nevertheless, valentine’s week starts on February 7th, and this day is called rose day. On this day people celebrate each other with several colors of rose flowers, for each color of rose, there is a meaning attached to it. Nonetheless, the red rose, it is simply stating “I love you”, while the pink rose expresses how one is grateful to have someone in their life.

Propose Day

February 8th is seen as a day to make a proposal of love, life, and marriage to your partner. Don’t run out of words, tell them the truth about how you feel about them and how fulfilled you will be to have them for the rest of your life, then ask them if they will marry you with your ring in your hand.

You could tell them things like; I wanted someone to love, I wanted someone to be there for me always and all I wanted is just someone like you! Please be my forever deal.

The Chocolate Day

For the third day, February 9th is the day of Chocolate. This day is celebrated with Chocolate among partners. On this day partners share their love with chocolates. Giving chocolates to friends and family is also part of the list.

Teddy Day

Yeah! This is the day most ladies and women don’t ever joke with as they will be patiently waiting to receive a new teddy bear gift from their man or guy. Teddy in the arms of a lady keeps her happy even while you might be busy, though she cherishes your arms more than anything else. So always keep yourself available for her.

Promise Day

February 11th is the fifth day of Valentine’s week, this day is set aside for couples and partners to renew their promises and to also make new promises that will keep their relationship strong. On this day partners could also promise to refrain from bad habits and to also keep a clean healthy relationship with their partners.

Hug Day

Have you craved a deep warm hug from your partner? Remind him or her that the sixth day of Valentine’s day is the day of Hug and so you deserve that deep hug from your partner.

Kiss Day

Ensure that on the seventh day of Valentine, e week does not go by without you having an awesome kiss from your partner as the sixth day is the day of Kiss.

Valentine Day

Finally, the last day of Valentine’s week is deal day. This is the day that you get to lavish all of the love you have got on your partner. Make them feel that special you call them.

It is the season of love, show everyone you love how much you do love them. Also, don’t forget that you are responsible for every decision you make on this day.

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