What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing and how does it work? When running a business whether small, medium or large; it is important you know how to reach your prospective customers who will need your products and services.  Although Traditional Marketing can work, they are limited and that is why you need to employ Digital Marketing in your Business. In this article, therefore; we will be discussing Digital Marketing and everything you need to know about it.


What is Digital Marketing?

As you know, the world is now a global village; with different smartphones and access to the internet. People across the world are now going digital and so the best place to reach your customer is through virtual platforms. Using social media platforms and other Virtual tools to grow your business and generate more revenue is a great way of developing your presence. But first, you need to know what Digital Marketing is all about, how it works, the types of Digital Marketing channels and why you need it. Keep reading through this article.

What is Digital Marketing?

The Process of using electronic devices to convey a promotional message and to measure the impact through your customer journey to achieve your business goal is known as Digital Marketing. It is different from traditional marketing which entails marketing through print, letters, filers, and more. Digital Marketing, deal with using social media, email, content marketing, and more to engage your targeted customers.

Why is it Important for my Business?

Several advantages come with using Digital Marketing and its importance cannot be overemphasized. It can help you reach a wider audience and directly engage with them.  Also, it is affordable to make use of Digital Marketing; here are some of the importance;

  • It helps to minimize Advertising Cost
  • Connect  and reach people across the world
  • Reach your target or ideal customers
  • Easy and convenient to make use of
  • It provides you with insight into your marketing campaign
  •  Build strong customer relationship

You get to enjoy the above-listed features and more when you use Digital Marketing for your Business, brand, and organization. However, there are several types of Digital Marketing; you can check out the outline below.

Types of Digital Marketing

In this section of the article, we will be discussing some of the types of Social Media Marketing.  Here are some of the most popular types;

Pay-Per-Click or PPC

One of the most popular types of Digital Marketing is PPC or Per- Per – Click and this type of marketing is designed to empower your business to pay for the clicks you get on your ad. It involves a thorough search and analysis of keywords relevant to your product or services to create a good PPC Campaign. One of the most popular platforms that provide PPC is google Ads and others include; Facebook ads and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization short for SEO is a tactic that helps you rank higher and reach more potential customers. You can use this marketing strategy for your business or website to rank on Google and other notable search engines. However, it takes more skill and study to make use of this tool.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is another type of Digital Marketing and it is completely free to make use of. You can promote your business using this tool without paying a dime. Some of the social media platforms to use for your Marketing include; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a lot more.

Email Marketing

Another type of Digital Marketing is Email Marketing and this is a great way of boosting the interest and awareness of your business to your potential customers that have subscribed to your mailing service. To make use of this Online marketing form, you will need to create engaging content that reaches your target customers. This can entail; general newsletter information about your business, new products and service announcements, coupons and special offers, and a lot more.

Video Marketing

Using Videos for your Marketing Campaign is a great way to showcase your business or brand’s products and services. Video Marketing can help promote your business faster especially a Video of high quality. This will lead to more engagement and boost your business traffic. One of the best platforms to carry out your Video marketing for free is YouTube which is free to use and sign up for an account with the platform. A lot of prospective customers use the platform to search for information before making a purchase.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Online Marketing or Digital Marketing as mentioned, Is the use of electronic platforms to promote your product and services to generate more revenue and reach your ideal customers. It is quite affordable to make use of this marketing strategy and its leads to wider connections.

Besides, you also get to build a strong relationship with your customer and prospective customers. There are also different types of Online Marketing ranging from PPC, Social Media Platforms, Emails, SEO, and a lot more. These are all excellent ways of reaching a lot of people without overspending.

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