When Is Neco 2023 Starting

When Is Neco 2023 Starting? Do you have plans to take the National Examination Council examination? Reading this article can provide you with vital information on When Is Neco 2023 Starting. As of recent, the starting date of the NECO examination 2023 according to the National Examination Council has officially been announced.

When Is Neco 2023 Starting

According to the officials, the NECO SSCE examination for school students will start on Monday 24th May 2023. It will also end on Wednesday, 24th June 2023. Therefore, all candidates or students who have registered for the NECO 2023 examination can sit for this exam. If you have not yet registered but have an interest, you can simply visit their platform to find out if that route will still be possible.

For all candidates participating in this Exam, you need to start prepping and stop asking When Is Neco 2023 Starting. You should know that the NECO registration 2023 will be performed online. Also, you will have to pay by Direct Transfer or the Bank. What’s more, Candidates who have paid at least 50% of their total fee are eligible to take the examination with other students.

When Is NECO 2023 Starting?

If you have been asking When Is Neco 2023 Starting then you can get full info on this section. The NECO examination 2023 is expected to commence on 24th May 2023 which is on a Monday. Also, it is stated that it will end on 24th June 2023 which is on a Wednesday. Now that you have this information, you should really get ready and register before the examination finally begins.

NECO Registration 2023

The National Examination Council examination registration 2023 will begin among secondary schools that are approved officially nationwide in Nigeria. Moreover, the registration fee for the exam will be set if your school is a state, private, or unity secondary school. You can get all the necessary information from registering personnel when the time comes.

How To Register In 2023

As mentioned earlier, registration for the NECO exam 2023 is strictly online. Any other ‘means’ of registering for the NECO examination is null and invalid.  Furthermore, the registration process is quite easy. As long as you have all the required details needed to set up for the exams, you will be good to go. Furthermore, here’s what you should do to register:

  • Go to the NECO official registration portal at www.neco.gov.ng.
  • Next, select the Register option.
  • Select your examination type and provide the necessary information. Such information includes your date of birth, name, address, etc.
  • Then, upload a valid identification card and passport photograph.

Follow every other instruction on the next page to be able to successfully register for the NECO examination 2023 online. Alternatively, you can simply choose to visit the nearest Neco office to register. This one makes things also very easy for you.

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