Five Reasons Why Your Phone is Overheating

Have you ever asked yourself the reason why your phone is overheating? It’s quite impossible for your phone to be warm when you are overusing it.

Five Reasons Why Your Phone is Overheating

It’s probably from long hours of watching videos and playing games, running multiple apps at the same time, direct sunlight, trying to use your phone with a bad signal, insufficient space, and other common reasons that make your phone overheat.

Is Overheating of Phone Normal?

Overheating of phone is completely normal, as users intend to use their phone on a daily basis.

Overheating of phones is caused by several different factors, such as the running of multiple apps at the same time, making use of an outdated app, direct heat from the sun, faulty charger cables and batteries, and many more.

Normally, a cell phone emits heat due to overuse, an overworked battery, direct heat from the sun, or a strained CPU. Also, an outdated application needs to be updated because it can lead to improvement issues.

Also, if you are someone who uses his or her phone for a whole 24 hours, it can lead to your phone battery working overtime and can cause your phone to overheat.

Reasons Why your Phone is Overheating

A little amount of heat coming out of the back of your phone is completely ordinary because modern phone batteries discharge heat while functioning, but an extreme discharge of heat can cause damage to the phone battery, which can lead to overheating.

Below are some of the reasons why your phone is overheating.

Direct Contact with Sunlight

Some phones get hot, and you might decide to get them fixed, but in most cases, the high temperature is not the fault of the phone. Climate factors can cause your phone to overheat.

When the atmospheric temperature is high, such as on a sunny day, you intend to leave your phone right below the sun, which is a serious issue.

For instance, if you place your mobile phone on a car’s steel panel for too long, the heat energy of the sun increases the heat produced by the phone’s GPS, processor, and screen.

A Faulty Phone Charger or Battery

A faulty phone charger or battery is one of the reasons why your phone is overheating. It is very dangerous for you to connect your mobile phones to a faulty charger. It goes from warm to a level that is very dangerous.

Not every mobile charger is designed with the same level of quality, which simply means that they can overheat the phones and cause them to explode.

However, phone batteries that have been damaged are not able to withstand the capacity of charging, which is why we frequently hear of people whose phones ‘exploded’ after heating up while charging.

Blockage of Ventilation

Blockage of ventilation simply means the inability of your phone to discharge heat, which is one of the reasons why your phone is overheating.

The charging port region serves as a means of ventilation for your phone. Dust and debris can block your phone’s vents, trapping heat inside and causing it to overheat.

Low-quality phone cases are a typical reason that cause blockage of ventilation and can lead to overheating because they do not act as an insulator.

Overloading the Phone’s Processor

You can refer to a smartphone as a mini computer, but the main difference between a computer and a smartphone is that a computer has an internal fan, while a smartphone does not.

Unlike computers, where you can run multiple programs, smartphones are unable to do the same. Every open app displaying on your phone affects your phone’s processor, your phone’s memory system, and your battery.

Full Phone Storage

Regularly stuffing in apps, videos, photos, and documents will make it hard for your device to run smoothly, which is one of the reasons why your phone is overheating.

It is advisable to free up space by deleting unused apps, unwanted photos and videos, and leftover junk (cache) from your device to ensure that it runs smoothly as you operate on it.

 How to Prevent your Phone from Overheating

Your phone hardware is as important as software maintenance in preventing your phone from overheating. The way you use your phone can have an outstanding impact on its temperature.

If you feel your phone is overheating, you should know the following steps on how to prevent it from overheating:

Avoid Direct Sunlight With Your Phone

As we all know, direct sunlight causes overheating on our phones. It is safer by simply removing our phones from any contact with the sun.

Make Sure Your Charging Cable and Battery are in Good Condition

In case your phone keeps heating up while charging, use another charging cable to check if it will keep heating up. If overheating only happens during charging, it could be a issue with your charging port or battery. It’s advisable to take your phone to a repairer for a fix.

Physical Cleanliness of the Air Vent

Dust and debris are particles that block the air vent of your device, causing it to overheat. Regular cleaning of your phone’s air vent and the removal of phone cases reduce overheating.

Close All RunningAapps

Having too many multiple apps or programs requires an increase in your energy and can cause overheating. So it is advisable for users to close every app after use to prevent overheating.

Uninstall Unused Apps

To reduce the amount of pressure applied to your processor, you should get rid of unwanted apps, videos, photos, and junk from your device to prevent overheating your phone.

You can also download some junk-claning apps of your choice from the Google Play Store to help you clear up unwanted files and media from your phone.

Preventing your device from overheating is not difficult. You just have to be mindful of the apps you use and how you use them, as well as how you charge your phone with a good charging cable, and remember to clear up irrelevant apps or junk from your phone.