YouTube Red – Prices & How To Use

I’m quite sure you are not comfortable while streaming an important video and an ad pops up. Especially ads that can’t be skipped. This appears very annoying. How do you get rid of those ads on YouTube? Not to worry as I’ve got a way for you. This way is very easy and is known as YouTube Red. With YouTube Red, you do not have to worry about ads when streaming. Let’s get to know more about what it is all about.

YouTube Red - Prices & How To Use

What is YouTube Red? YouTube Red now known as YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by YouTube. When you subscribe to the platform, there’s a lot you get compared to when you use the platform free of charge to stream videos. The things you get include ad-free access to content, access to all of YouTube Originals, and many more that we will discover right here in this article.

Note that YouTube Red is a subscription service. This implies that payment is required and also registration. I doubt that there is even a need for another registration to use YouTube Red. Because naturally, you need an account to do anything on YouTube. So, once you have an account it might not be necessary to create another account when you want to use YouTube Red now known as YouTube premium.

Is YouTube Red Still Available

No, it is no longer available. What you can get now is YouTube premium which is not quite different from YouTube red itself. This premium has all you need which includes everything music services have to offer and access to YouTube original videos. And this is almost the same as what red offers. So, you can see that there are not many differences between the two. As Premium just replaces Red. So, if you were using it before it got upgraded and updated, you can still get YouTube Premium at the same price.

How Much is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red before it changed to YouTube Premium cost about $9.99. Now that it isn’t available, if you want to subscribe for premium, you can get it for about $11.99 per month. And there is a free trial if you subscribe to it. And the trial lasts for a month. This implies that as a user, you wouldn’t be charged for your first month. And if after trying it and you want to cancel the plan, you are however welcome to do that. But there are lots of benefits to using this premium plan.

Why Should I Use YouTube Red?

There are so many reasons why you should subscribe to YouTube premium. Some of these reasons would be shown to you. So, it would now be left for you to subscribe to discover and enjoy more of what it is all about. Here are some reasons why you should consider YouTube Premium below;

  • You can watch videos ad-free
  • Gain access to all of YouTube Original
  • You can play videos in the background
  • Get the opportunity to download videos to stream offline.

There’s more you can get when you use YouTube premium. You should subscribe now and enjoy all. Besides, it is affordable and available. Here’s how to subscribe below.

How to Subscribe to YouTube Red

Subscribing to it is very easy and fast. All you just need to do is visit the site and easy steps on how to go about it would be shown to you. However, if you are still not sure how to go about it, here are steps you can follow below;

  • Visit on your device web browser
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • The account you would sign in to would be the account you want to start membership on
  • Tap on Try it Free or Get YouTube Red
  • Choose your Payment method or add a new payment method
  • Tap on Buy to complete the transaction

After buying the plan, you can now watch videos without ads and explore more of YouTube.

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