Zoom For Mac – How to Access Zoom on Mac

Are you a mac device user and do you want to access zoom for urgent real-time meetings and conferences? Well, that is very possible as Zoom isn’t limited to just a device but enables you to access it on all or any device you want to either via the Zoom app or the Zoom website. However, accessing Zoom for mac isn’t different from accessing Zoom on any other desktop device. Besides, the Zoom app available on the website is compatible with any device you want to access it on which includes your mac device. So, therefore, you can download Zoom for mac device manually from the zoom app download website for free of charge.

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, a lot of workers found themselves working from home. While some offices had to do conference meetings online using the zoom platform. Using Zoom on mobile devices for meetings like that doesn’t seem to appear as comfortable as using a desktop device which could either be a Linux, Pc, or Mac device. However, some users of Mac tend to find it difficult to access the Zoom platform on their devices. But I would like to make it clear to you that using Zoom for Mac is as easy as using any other app on your mac device.

Zoom Download For Mac

There are different ways you can access Zoom on your Mac device. You can decide to use Zoom via the website or the mobile app. However, if you prefer to use the Zoom app for Mac you have to first process its download. As mentioned earlier above, the Zoom app which is compatible with any device both mobile and the desktop device is available on the Zoom app download website. To install the app on your Mac device follow these steps below;

  • Visit the Zoom app download website @ https://zoom.us/download
  • Tap on the Zoom clients for meeting app download button
  • Download would begin automatically
  • After download is complete, you should install the app

There are different types of Zoom apps on the download site. But if you want the Zoom app to join and organize meetings whereby you can add up to 100 participants for a real-time meeting, you are to process the Zoom client for meetings app download on your Mac device.

How to Use Zoom For Mac

Generally, the two most used features of Zoom are the new meetings and the Join meetings button. But aside from that, there are still other buttons you can click on to perform other functions on Zoom. They are the Schedule and Share screens. Although all these are very easy to figure out as there are no complications using Zoom for Mac. But for new users still finding it difficult to use Zoom for mac, here are simple steps for you below;

Host a Meeting / New meeting

This requires you to sign up. Also has different prices if you want to have access to more of its unique features. Although, there is still a free plan which you can sign up for to host or create a new meeting. You can click on the sign-up button to create an account. But if you already have a zoom account, you can just enter your sign-in details to access your account. To set up a meeting with these steps below;

  • After signing in, tap on the New meeting button’
  • Select the type of meeting you want to host (video off, video on or screen share only)
  • If you are using a Web browser, you would be required to install and launch the meeting app
  • Once the app is open, you can now start the meeting by first adding other participants by sending an invitation link.

Join a Meeting

Joining a Meeting is different from hosting a Meeting on Zoom. You do not need to sign up or sign in to join a meeting. However, joining a meeting on zoom is strictly by invitation. So, therefore, without an invitation, link, or code, attending the meeting would not possible. However, here are simple steps below on how to join zoom meetings.

  • Open the Zoom app or visit the Zoom meeting platform
  • Click on the join a meeting button
  • Enter the meeting id or personal link name
  • Tap on the join button

Schedule a Meeting

Before you can schedule a meeting on Zoom, you have to first process the Zoom meeting sign up/sign in. After you must have processed the signup/sign in, here are steps on how to schedule a meeting on zoom below;

  • Tap on the schedule meeting link
  • Create a topic
  • Enter a meeting description
  • Provide Date of the meeting
  • Select Number of hours/mins you would be spending in the meeting
  • Enter Meeting time zone
  • Select a meeting id
  • Copy passcode to be sent to the participants
  • Set your meeting the way you want your participants to join
  • Tap on the save button

When your meeting time is due, you would be notified to join the meeting. In conclusion, from the above explanations, it has however been made clear that using Zoom for mac is as easy. Using Zoom for any other device which includes desktop and mobile. But a lot of users seem to prefer the use of a desktop device which includes mac. This is because it gives them the privilege to access zoom meetings using a wider screen device.

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