18 Amazing Christmas Holiday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Cousin In 2022

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We all know that shopping for certain people can be very difficult especially if they are the type that is very hard to impress. But shopping for a person who you are close to or familiar with makes the job a lot easier. So, if you are experiencing difficulties choosing the perfect gift for your cousin, I am here to lend a helping hand. Now, if you want to show your favorite cousin just how much you appreciate him/her, here are 18 Amazing Christmas Holiday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Cousin In 2022. What’s more, no matter the type of personality they have, these gift ideas are perfect.

18 Amazing Christmas Holiday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Cousin In 2022

18 Amazing Christmas Holiday Gifts To Buy For Your Male & Female Cousin In 2022

So, if you have a male or female cousin and you need to make this Christmas Holiday memorable for him/her, here are some items that you can give as presents. They include:

  1. Mini Portable Personal Fridge.
  2. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker.
  3. Linear Wireless Magnetic Phone Charger.
  4. Cookies.
  5. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone.
  6. Sneakers.
  7. Chocolate.
  8. Salty Dog Beanie.
  9. Hoodie.
  10. Portable Blender.
  11. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager.
  12. Video Game.
  13. Cousin Superlatives Shirts.
  14. Cozy Lavender Warming Booties.
  15. Personalized Necklace.
  16. Socks.
  17. Sunglasses.
  18. A Blanket.

Mini Portable Personal Fridge

One of the amazing Christmas holiday gifts to buy for your cousins in 2022 is a mini portable personal fridge. Furthermore, this gift is perfect for female cousins but if you have a male cousin that is also into skincare or other things, then you can also the fridge for him as well.

Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Do you have a cousin who is a die-hard fan of coffee? Then, one of the best gifts to give any of your friends, or family is the Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee maker. You can also get this item on Amazon at an affordable price.

Linear Wireless Magnetic Phone Charger

This is another perfect gift that you can purchase for both your male and female cousins in 2022 as a Christmas holiday gift. With the Linear wireless magnetic phone charger, he/she does not have to deal with any cord drama anymore and they can charge different devices that the same time with this.


If your female cousin is slightly hard to please, then getting her cookies that break a little piece of ice from her heart. In other words, you can be sure that she will definitely be impressed with your gifts.

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

If you have cousins who love and enjoy singling, try out this gift idea. Try giving them a wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone. Apart from them being able to sing, the microphone is very nice and attractive which means they will enjoy using it.


Another nice gift that you can purchase for your cousins as a Christmas holiday gift is sneakers. Besides, this gift idea works for both genders. Now your cousins can be comfortable and wear your present anywhere.


Chocolates are an amazing Christmas Holiday gift to buy for your female cousin in 2022. They are sweet and enjoyable so; your cousins can be happy as they digest these chocolates from you.

Salty Dog Beanie

Salty Dog beanies are very cute and I am sure that they will look nice on your cousins. What’s more, if your cousin loves to work out or is an athlete but still wants to train in the winter, then you should get him/her this beanie.


Both males and females love hoodies. They are very comfortable and soft to wear. So, you can try considering this as a gift for them in 2022.

Portable Blender

I know that getting a portable blender as a Christmas gift for your cousin sounds kind of stupid but it isn’t. Do you have a cousin who is still a college student? Then buy this portable blender for him/her because it is helpful.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The Shiatsu neck and back massager is one of the perfect and amazing gifts to give your male and female cousin as a Christmas present in 2022. Now, they do not have to pay for a massage or go to the spa.

Video Game

Video games are another nice Christmas holiday gift that you can purchase for your male cousin. But if you have a female cousin who is also a gamer, then it won’t hurt to get her one as well.

Cousin Superlatives Shirts

Cousin Superlatives shirts are so far one of the best Christmas gifts to buy for your male and female cousin in 2022. It is very nice and it will suit you if you have a lot of cousins. Moreover, these superlative shirts are available in different colors and sizes.

Cozy Lavender Warming Booties

Another amazing Christmas holiday gift that you can buy for your male & female cousin is a Cozy lavender warming booty. Moreover, winter is here and I am certain that you do not want your cousin to freeze. So, this present is quite considerable.

Personalized Necklace

Getting a necklace personalized for your female cousin is a nice idea. Moreover, if she is the type that fancy jewelry a lot, then you should try getting her this as a Christmas gift. Here is an idea, you can get her a necklace with her birth flower or birthstone.

18 Amazing Christmas Holiday Gifts – Socks

Getting socks for your cousins is not a terrible idea. On the contrary, it is a very nice gift idea and it can work for both males and females. So, feel free to choose any socks type and order it today before Christmas finally comes.


Everyone loves to look cool. But there are different purposes as to why people use sunglasses. So, if you purchase sunglasses for your female cousin, she can use them at the beach or on sunny days.

A Blanket

Winter is finally here to stay for a while but staying warm is very important. So, if you are looking for a nice gift to give to your female cousin, then give her a blanket. What’s more, you can also customize it by writing her name.