5 Best Personal Finance Apps Of 2023

5 Best Personal Finance Apps – Are you searching for the best apps that give financial advice? Then this article is for you. In today’s article, we will be discussing and outlining the 5 Best Personal Finance Apps. As you know, the best financial advice app can help you manage your funds as well as teach you how to spend your money.

In addition, with the best financial advice app, you can track and monitor your bank balance, track your expenses, figure out which categories you spend the most in, and also monitor upcoming bill payments.

5 Best Personal Finance Apps Of 2023

In fact, some apps allow you to pay your monthly bills directly from the app. And lastly, they enable you to keep track of your credit score and investment portfolio.

However, selecting the right financial advice app in recent times can be quite challenging and even daunting. Plus, there is a wide range of apps to select from today. But that’s why we’re here to help. After carrying out proper research, we’ve compiled the best financial investment apps.

Our selection is based on the following: customer reviews, an easy and friendly interface, affordability, and quick access to their customer service agents. Check out the next outline for the best investment app for you.

5 Best Personal Finance Apps Of 2023

As previously stated, the best financial advice app can help you boost your finances. In addition, you can track down your daily, monthly, and yearly expenses, save money, and view your account balance anytime, any day. So, when selecting a financial advice app, ensure the app offers the above-stated features as well as your unique or personalized features. Here are our top 5 best financial advice apps.

1 Personal Capital

Available: Android and iOS devices

One of the best Personal Finance Apps with a good and navigable interface is Personal Capital. This app offers its users a wide range of features, such as the ability to check all their finances in one place.

Also, the app reports trends on your spending and provides an asset allocation review, which is done to ensure you are getting the most out of your current investment.

It provides a strong financial tool that can benefit both young and old people. You can use their retirement planning tools or make use of their fee analyzer. Plus, it offers a free feature as well as a paid feature. Here is a breakdown of the company’s features that can be accessed for free:

  • Personal Capital Budgeting
  • Income and spending report
  • Investment returns
  • Investment check-up
  • Asset allocation review
  • Check your net worth and account balances.
  • Fee analyzer and retirement planner

You can enjoy the above-listed features for free and also enjoy maximum security that helps protect your information from third parties.

2  Robinhood

Available: Android and iOS Devices

Not only does Robinhood provide financial advice to its customers and users, but the app also gives you the opportunity to invest and trade stocks with little or no commission fees. It is so easy to use this app due to its simple and friendly user interface. For instance, the app dashboard is so simple to use that it is easy for novices to invest in the application. Users are also allowed to customize or personalize their accounts.

In addition, you can select different investment strategies depending on the stock you’ve purchased. You can make use of their “learning by doing” approach to grow your finances as a beginner. Their services can be accessed for free, but if you need additional features such as margin trading, you will have to purchase their premium plan.

3 Acorns

Available: Android and iOS devices

Acorns is yet another excellent financial advice app that can be accessed at any time and on any day. This app makes investing easy and worthwhile. You can use this app to build wealth while you go through your day-to-day activities.

They do this by helping you find money, and then, no matter how little the money is, it is invested in your portfolio. The main idea behind this app is that little steps can make a huge difference in terms of your finances. Just like investing is easy, taking your money out of the application is also easy.

Users can withdraw their funds at any time with zero penalties. However, they charge a small amount of money monthly for investors using their services.

For instance, investors with less than $5,000 are charged a small fee and are switched to a flat rate of 0.25% per year. It is one of the best investment and financial advice apps with easy-to-use features and services, and it is affordable to purchase their paid services.

4 M1 Finance

Available: Android and iOS devices

This is one of the best apps for managing and planning your finances. It is just like having a financial advisor in your pocket. With this app, M1 Finance offers users access to their pre-made portfolios or thousands of individual stocks and cash.

The pre-made portfolios include the following: income, retirement, general investing, and socially responsible investing. It is quite similar to the Bank M1 Spend offering of a high-yield checking account as well as a 1% cash-back debit card. Lastly, users can borrow at a low-interest rate, but they must have invested $10,000.

5 Axos Invest

Available: Android and iOS devices

Just like M1 Finance, Axos Invest is also a financial advisor in your pocket. You can state your goals in the app, and it will help you automate your money to achieve your financial goals.

Furthermore, you have the option of starting from scratch. Or you can decide to roll over existing retirement plans, and everything will be managed in one spot.

The app is one of the earlier Robo-advisors with a higher $1 minimum investment and a 0.24% AUM fee. It is the ideal app for millennials looking to start investing in the future.

This is because customers and users can select specific investment tracks that suit their values, such as Internet innovator stocks, digital security stocks, blockchain stocks, and precious metal stocks.

Bottom Line

The above are the top 5 best apps that give financial advice. However, aside from the above-listed apps, there are others to check out, such as Mint, Prism, EveryDollar, etc. You can search online for other top apps to make use of.

We do, however, recommend that when choosing the best app, you evaluate several market options and factors, just as we did. Also, check out their features, monthly costs, etc.

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