How To Create WhatsApp Link

How To Create a WhatsApp Link: Do you want to find out how? Then you have definitely stumbled across the perfect blog post. So, in this write-up, I will be letting you in on everything you need to know about WhatsApp links and how to create one. Now, if you would like to see more detailed and accurate information, read to the end of this blog post to find out more.

How To Create WhatsApp Link

Firstly, a WhatsApp Link is a URL that users use to open a WhatsApp conversation. Therefore, if you are a user of the WhatsApp platform and you want to open a conversation on the platform, you can create WhatsApp links.

Furthermore, it is very easy to create these links, and it works well for you if you are running your business online and you make use of the WhatsApp platform. So, when you create a WhatsApp link, neither your customers nor you have to save any numbers before you can send messages to an unknown contact on your device.

WhatsApp Link Safety

Perhaps you are worried about how safe WhatsApp links are, I hope this answers your question. When a WhatsApp link is created, WhatsApp carries out a check on this link automatically to find out if it is suspicious or authentic. So, to safeguard your privacy, these automatic checks are performed on your device. Now, in the next section, I will be showing you how you can create a WhatsApp link.

What Is A WhatsApp Link?

In a very understandable way, WhatsApp Link refers to the URL that people can use to open a conversation. For instance, if you are an online business owner or vendor, you most definitely need a WhatsApp link to reach out to several other clients. By simply clicking on a WhatsApp link, you will not have to save numbers before you can start a chat.

In addition, by generating and sharing your WhatsApp account link, you get to reach out to several people. You can also reach those who are not even on your contact list. You can also sponsor your WhatsApp link via Facebook as a sponsored post and have millions of people come to inquire about your business just by clicking on your link.

Types of WhatsApp Links

There are three major types of WhatsApp links that you can generate. In this session, calmly look at these links before generating them; the links you generate may differ in their purposes.

Direct Link

This type of link directs you or a client to your inbox immediately after clicking. This link has two ways to be composed: one as a standard link and the other with your phone number attached.
For instance, if your mobile number is 7056 6738 and your country code says +556, your Whatspas link will come like this 6738

However, you should make sure not to include special characters like brackets, slashes, and dashes while including your number. It will render the link useless if you do.

Direct Link With A Pre-Filled Message

This type of link is the one you create, which also leaves a space for a message. When you share this link with people and they want to reach you, you can have them fill in their name as they message you. This kind of link can be created in this form;<prefilled message>.

In a case where the phone number is not changed while you include the welcoming message “Hello, I would like to know about your WhatsApp API service”.

Only a pre-filled link

With a pre-filled link, you can send broadcast messages to people. You can also decide who you send them to via your contact list or any other social media handle you can access.

A sample of this link is in form. Perhaps you want to write ‘Thanks for joining’, simply type on your web browser! This will redirect you to a list of contacts, and you can make multiple selections of people you want to send it to.

How To Generate WhatsApp Link

Creating a WhatsApp link is very easy. So, you know how you need to know the user’s phone number and save it before you can send a message? Well, not anymore, and that is all thanks to the WhatsApp link. Therefore, you do not have to carry out this process; with just one click, you can open chat without getting or saving the phone number. However, you must be using a WhatsApp business account for this feature to work.

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Go to your WhatsApp Business app on your mobile device or visit WhatsApp Web on your desktop.
  • Then, type in your WhatsApp phone number.
  • Visit the business in the future in your WhatsApp business account
  • Click on the link in the bar.
  • Proceed to the short link.
  • Copy the link.
  • Customize it by clicking on the Edit icon option.

Lastly, tap on the Generate my option. Now you can copy it and make use of it wherever you want.

Where To Use WhatsApp Link

After creating a WhatsApp link, there are various social media platforms that you can share it on. So, when you share it on these platforms, people can come to your WhatsApp and communicate with you. Now, here are some of the places where you can share and use your WhatsApp link:

  • Instagram Story.
  • Social Media bios.
  • Twitter posts.
  • Facebook.
  • YouTube Video descriptions
  • Pinterest.

What’s more, if you run your business using these social media platforms and you want to communicate more with your customers, share your WhatsApp link. This will make the process a lot easier.

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