5 Places You Can Check For Information That Isn’t Wikipedia

What are 5 places you can check for information that isn’t Wikipedia? If you must know the answer to this question, stay with this article to find out. We all know Wikipedia and the broad library of knowledge that it possesses. With all its strict and accurate facts, Wikipedia has pretty much become the number frequented online platform to get information about anything

5 Places You Can Check For Information That Isn’t Wikipedia

However, despite Wikipedia being a know-it-all website, there are various other sites you can source accurate information from that isn’t Wikipedia. These websites may even have juicer and more concrete facts that Wikipedia has put together. So, this article will be telling you about 5 other places you can check for information that isn’t Wikipedia.

Are These Other Websites Legit?

There are all verified websites that have helped thousands of people with whatever their research aim is. You don’t have to worry about them being fake because they are not. They are simple alternatives to the Wikipedia platform and you can be sure to trust them.

Where Else Can I Also Find Good Sources Aside From Wikipedia?

There are various other good sources that are actually as reliable as Wikipedia. You can source different roots of knowledge from there and not worry about credibility. Some good sources aside from Wikipedia are Citizendium, Britannica Online, Uncyclopedia, Infoplease, Conservapedia, and MSN Encarta.


This is one great alternative to using Wikipedia for sourcing information. Also, all the articles are subject to approval by the site’s editorial team before anything else. If you want to become a distributor, you have to first register under your real name.


The Infoplease is an online encyclopedia that is really part of Pearson Education. In case you didn’t know, Pearson education is the largest education book distributor.  Every information published and gotten from the Infoplease is known to be gathered from trusted sources like the Columbia Electronic encyclopedia. 

Furthermore, every single piece of information found on this site is really accurate and credible. Also, they cannot in any way be influenced by outside users. In addition, Infoplease has multimedia features that can really be useful to researchers, especially to students. 


You might more often or not refer to Scholarpedia as similar to Wikipedia and this is only because Scholarpedia has the same software as Wikipedia. Just like you can deduce from the name, all information is written by scholars. Not only scholars but invited or elected experts are then given certain topics. However, the site can easily be edited by anyone just like a wiki. But all the updates must be approved be there are published.


This is a bit more niche-down website with all the heavy knowledge it abounds. Conservapedia is a Christian-influenced wiki encyclopedia and is indeed conservative. Hence, every piece of information that contains foul language, sexual topics, and anything offensive is strictly canceled by the site’s editorial team. Furthermore, you can say that all the users who follow Conservapedia follow the site’s seven commandments.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

The Encyclopedia Britannica online is one of the truest sites that provide all raw, trusted, and unbiased facts to people. In addition to that, Encyclopedia Britannica’s online information has been transferred to Web Format and also has an easy search tool.

Furthermore, every update to the site is done by professionals to their very best. This website is so good that it could literally have Wikipedia run over. However, the Encyclopedia Britannica online is not free to use. If you want to gain access to Encyclopedia Britannica online, you have to pay a subscription fee annually/ Despite all that, It is a very reliable place to get all your information from when you make research.

These are some of the best places where you can find information that isn’t Wikipedia. Despite them not being Wikipedia, you can be sure that every piece of information published on their website is reliable and credible. You can do all your studies and research from the website of your choice.

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