10 Art Scholarships to Apply For in 2024

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Are you a prospective art student looking for scholarships to apply for? Well, if you are, then I am glad to announce to you that there are numerous art scholarships to apply for. Most students think that the arts don’t pay well.

10 Art Scholarships to Apply For in 2024

They think that art is not as lucrative as other professions, but they are wrong. If you are an aspiring art student, do not stop having a passion for art because there are so many art scholarships out there that will help pay for your tuition fees, accommodation, books, etc.

If you are a high school graduate or a university student interested in earning a degree in art, these scholarships will be beneficial to you. You can get a degree in visual arts, art history, graphic design, dance, etc. Even though some students can afford to fund their bachelor’s program, some students cannot do the same, which is why scholarships are important for them.

Research indicates that the average cost of attending college is $25,281 per year, including tuition, fees, board, and room. Some students can afford this amount every year, but most students can’t. For this reason, they rely on scholarships to pursue their artistic goals.

What is An Art Scholarship?

An art scholarship is a financial award given to students who have an interest in pursuing a degree in arts. It is some form of financial assistance for art students who find it difficult to afford to see themselves through school.

There are different institutions that award scholarships to students. However, these institutions look out for artistic talent, financial need, and academic merit before they award scholarships to any student.

Top 10 Art Scholarships to Apply For

As an art student, you understand how beneficial scholarships are. If your parents or guardians are unable to fund your education and you haven’t applied for a scholarship, it will be difficult to fund your education. I will be listing out the top 10 art scholarships that you can apply for.

1. Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship

Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship is one of the best scholarships that art students should apply for. The Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) awards this scholarship to assist current college students with fees and tuition.

Also, scholarships are given based on character attributes, academic achievements, and leadership skills. A scholarship award of $1,250 will be given to undergraduate students, while $1,750 will be given to graduate students.

2. NYCDA Foundation College Scholarship

The New York Dance Alliance (NYCDA) foundation offers scholarships to students who just completed their junior and senior years of high school.

Also, students in this category who want to pursue a performance-based program like dance or music theater should apply for this scholarship.

3. Iowa Scholarship for the Arts

If you need a scholarship as an art student, then you should apply for an Iowa scholarship. They provide financial assistance to high school senior students for their college education.

Iowa University will give a $2,500 scholarship award to students who demonstrate strong academic performance in the arts and exhibit a commitment to studying art as their major. However, if you are applying for this scholarship, you have to prove that you are a student at Iowa University.

4. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

The Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship is awarded by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). They offer financial provision to art major students with an award of $2,000. This is a merit-based scholarship, and it is renewable every semester.

If you do not want to miss out on this scholarship, you must have completed the college application process.

5. Educational Theater Association Board of Directors Scholarship

Full-time college students who are interested in a theater education career can apply for this scholarship. They offer an annual scholarship award of $1,000 to one applicant, and it provides financial aid for fees and tuition. Note: graduating students and freshman are not eligible for this scholarship.

6. ArtCenter Scholarships

Students who are in serious financial need and are enrolled in a full-time or part-time program are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded by the Art Center College of Design.

If you applied to this university, then you are automatically selected for a scholarship. The scholarship award given to students varies, and it is the scholarship committee that decides on the award amount.

7. Honors GradU Multimedia Scholarship

This is another art scholarship you can apply for as an art student. The scholarship is available for high school students in their senior year and graduating students as well.

Qualified applicants will receive a whopping sum of $10,000 towards college tuition and fees. Additionally, $5,000 will be given toward their community project.

8. AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships

Next on our list is the AIGA Worldstudio Scholarship, awarded to underprivileged students and available to those studying illustration, design programs, or photography.

Qualified students will receive an award of $2,000 to $3,000. This will go a long way toward paying their tuition fees. However, these tuition fees are paid directly to the school.

9. Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship

Looking for an art scholarship to apply for? You just found yourself one. These scholarships are offered to Asian American students in college. They assist them with financial assistance just so they can further their education and achieve their dreams.

Before awarding scholarships, the selection committee considers five criteria when choosing students to receive the scholarship.

Things like academic performance, community service and contribution, committee interviews, and the quality of submission content are all considered when selecting.

10. Antonio Cirino Memorial Scholarship

Finally, we have the Antonio Cirino Memorial Scholarship. This is a scholarship awarded by the Rhode Island Foundation. The scholarship award is beneficial to graduate students undertaking a graduate degree to obtain a masters or doctorate in arts. They give out an annual award of $2,000 to $12,000.


How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning An Art Scholarship?

One way to increase your chance of winning a scholarship is by applying for different scholarships. Gather all your best artwork, submit your application before the deadline, and also maintain a high GPA. All of these will also increase your chance of winning an art scholarship.

What Disciplines of Art Can I Get A Scholarship For?

You can get a scholarship for all art disciplines. As long as it is an art-related field, you will get a scholarship. Also, you can get scholarships for performing arts, video game design, music, photography, fine arts, and graphic design.